He is Risen!

Here are two poems I wrote last year for Easter. The first one is actually a song, which I later put to music. I hope you enjoy them as you reflect today on the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Let Me Never Forget

(verse 1)
Lord, let me never forget
The depth of your love for me.
The cruel sharp nails that were pounded
Into your hands and feet.
The agony and suffering,
The shame and the disgrace,
All this You bore so that I
Might receive amazing grace.

Oh yes, let me never forget!
You offered up yourself to pay all my sin-debt
And let this be a prayer for my life
That I would not forget
That your love for me is so great
That you would lay down your life.

(verse 2)
Lord let me never forget
That once I was lost and blind.
But now you’ve brought me to the light,
And lifted the darkness from my mind.
It’s only through Christ’s suffering
That I come to you my King
So now to You I bring
This, my prayer and thanksgiving.
(to chorus)
copyright Melody 2009

After Three Days

After three days
Joy was re-born
Peace was restored,
Hope was renewed.

After three days
Light shone again,
Love had conquered,
Christ rose from the dead!
  copyright Melody 2009
Praise Him with me, for He is Risen!

5 vivid thoughts:

Eden said... {Reply}

I love both of those poems, Melody! I think the first one is my favorite. Do you have some way of uploading the music for it so we could have a listen? :-) Hope you have a blessed day!

Cassie said... {Reply}

Happy Easter, Melody!!!

(Sorry I haven't said this before, but I LOVE the new background/design!)

Love in Christ,
Your friend,


Laura said... {Reply}

Happy Easter Melody!!
The poems you wrote are wonderful!
Have a blessed day!

Galadriel said... {Reply}

Very thought-provoking.

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you all! I did have a beautiful Easter day. :)

Eden: Unfortunately, I haven't figured yet how to upload music onto here - I'm thinking I might have to take video of it and then upload that. So I'm still working on it!




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