Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Day 2

Here is my outfit for the second day of the feminine farmgirl challenge:

I'm wearing a lavender-colored shirt (it's boatnecked, but that's hard to see in the picture), and a brown skirt. They both have embroidery, which I love. I also love purple, if you can't tell! :) My hair is just down, like I almost always have it. (I usually just let it air dry from the shower - yes, my hair is naturally stick straight!) Today was a lovely day, just the right amount of warmth and sunshine. So I went barefoot all day!

I'm enjoying this challenge quite a bit, actually. I had thought I might be limited in what I can do with a skirt on, but I'm finding that's just not true! And I love feeling and looking feminine. :)

7 vivid thoughts:

Cassie said... {Reply}

Oh, goodness, Melody! I LOVE this outfit! And you look so cute and beautiful and spring-y in it!

Thanks for sharing that wonderful picture!

Love in Christ,
Your friend,

Joy said... {Reply}

Beautiful!! Being a girl is so much fun!! lol...

~ Joy

Laura said... {Reply}

Beautiful outfit!!! I LOVE purple too!!
Its hard to find the right shade of purple though. :( It usally looks like Barney!
I love the shade you are wearing!!
Can't wait to see the next outfit!

Lindsay said... {Reply}

Cute, cute, cute!! :)

Frailyn said... {Reply}

beautiful!!! in barefoot!!! awesome! :)

Eden said... {Reply}

I love your outift, Melody! The brown skirt looks easy to get around in. :-)

Lady Florimel said... {Reply}

Your outfit is adorable Melody!!! Love it! I have done the Feminine Farmgirls challenge before too. I thought it quite fun! :)


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