Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Day 6 & 7

Well, yesterday and today were interesting days for the feminine farmgirl challenge! Yesterday it was very cold, and it was also the day that I had a class at a local college, so I really would have rather worn pants. But, I continued in what I said I'd do - and I am happy that I did. :)

Here is my outfit from yesterday:

I wore a long pink tiered skirt, brown socks, a pink camisole, brown short-sleeve shirt, and a brown sweatshirt with pink embroidery on it. I also wore a pink necklace (which you can see better in the pictures below). The skirt and camisole were from Kohl's, all else is from the thrift store. :)

For my hairstyle, I pulled my hair up and put it in a large clip. Then I curled the wispy pieces that were left loose.

Today was a pretty amazing day. This morning, my brothers, best friend and I filmed a movie - and I was the villain. (Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that, but I assure you - it was epic!)

Then, in the afternoon, I was a part of another movie. In this one, I was a queen:

And finally, tonight, I'm just plain me:

I'm wearing a greenish-yellowish flowered skirt, a bright blue shirt over a dark green cami, and grey socks. My hair is pulled back in a simple headband (which is actually just a ribbon). I've definitely enjoyed this challenge, and though I probably won't continue wearing skirts every day, I think I will wear them more often.

Tomorrow, I will try to post about my ideas about modesty. Hope you all have had a great week!

6 vivid thoughts:

Lindsay said... {Reply}

I love your outfits, Melody!! Very nice. I've really enjoyed seeing your Feelin' Feminine posts this week. Great job!! :)

~ Love,

Joy said... {Reply}

beautiful!! I enjoyed seeing your posts, and I especially liked your last outfit! Very creative.

~ Joy

Eden said... {Reply}

Melody, I really enjoyed looking at your outfits. I'm glad you continued the challenge and finished successfully! Blessings!

Stephanie said... {Reply}

We definetly need more modesty in society nowadays!

Frailyn said... {Reply}

I love your outfits! especially the queen :) Congratulations! You made it through your challenge. God blees you :)

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you all of you for your encouragement and sweet comments on my posts this week! It means a lot to me. :)

Frailyn: Yes, I enjoy wearing the queen outfit, though I'm wearing a lot of layers so it can get uncomfortably hot sometimes. :P But it's fun to act!




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