Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Day 5

Alright, so here is my outfit for day 5 of the feminine farmgirl challenge! It's amazing how the time has flown by this week - and how much fun I've had picking out these outfits!

Today I felt like wearing a dress, so I pulled out this from my closet:

Pink and brown are my favorite colors, so it was fun to wear them today! The dress is a tight knit weave, and very comfy. It was a rather cold day today, so I wore matching knee-length socks and a pink scarf. Oh, and I realized that I'm supposed to be saying where I got my outfits and how much I bought them for - and in all honesty, just about every one of my articles of clothing I've worn so far are from the thrift store! Today's outfit was a little more expensive however - the dress was from Dress Barn (I think it was about $20). The scarf was given to me, so I have no idea how much or where it was from.

I tried to do something a little different with my hair today, so I pulled some hair back from behind my ears and braided them together. (I braided each side, and then put the three strands from each braid together to form one braid.)

I think it looks rather elvish, don't you? :)

Until tomorrow,

6 vivid thoughts:

Child of God said... {Reply}

Dear Melody,

Wonderful outfit today! I simply love the hair style on you:)

Hope you are having a wonderful day....

Hannah Elise...

Chelsea said... {Reply}


Lovely dress you have and the scarf looks like it's just meant to be part of your outfit!


•Karis Brown• said... {Reply}

Love the dress, and your hair is so pretty!


Lindsay said... {Reply}

Oh, this could be my favorite outfit you've worn yet, Melody! I love pink and brown together. And your hairstyle really does look elvish! :)

Eden said... {Reply}

Melody, this is my favorite outfit! I love the pink and brown together. So pretty! Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you all for your sweet comments! Yes, I love pink and brown together. :)




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