Feminine Farmgirl Challenge: Crazy Day 3

Yes, today was crazy in more ways than one. First off, the weather was crazy. It was one of those days where the clouds chase each other across the sky and wonder if they should pour forth rain or only rumble a bit at us earthlings down below.

Also, my car was acting crazy today. I had some trouble with the brakes as I was driving to my piano lesson. Thankfully, they didn't give way completely, but I had to put my foot practically to the floor in order to brake! It was pretty unnerving.

Therefore, my outfit today was crazy as well. This morning I had to wear pants (for various reasons), but then I changed into a skirt. It was a little different wearing pants at first, like I had forgotten what they felt like. :P

Then, as we were going out, I changed into a nicer top. I also pulled my hair back, because it was getting frizzy. So here's the final outfit:

I'm wearing a light blue shortsleeve top underneath a white hoodie, a darker blue skirt (which came out very wide if I twirled or something), and light blue socks. I'm wearing my usual tennis shoes, which are brown.

My hair was originally in a "half french braid" (as I call it) where I only braid part of the hair and leave the rest down:

Then I just pulled it all back into a ponytail.

So there you have it, my crazy day! :D

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Lindsay said... {Reply}

Haha... that does sound like a crazy day, Melody!! I love your outfit! I wish I could figure out how to do french braids. Every time I get our little hairstyle book out, I read the instructions carefully and follow them as much as I can, but my braid always turns out so messy and really not even remotely looking like a braid. lol! Maybe I'll try again soon, because yours looks so nice. Okay, sorry for rambling on about french braids. I tend to do that sometimes! :D

~ Love,

Ivorydancer said... {Reply}


Amber said... {Reply}

That sounds like a very crazy day!
Okay, so I thought I would tag you, and the questions are over at my blog!!


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