About Me

I like... to think of my life as a song God is writing. Through the major and minor keys, He weaves countless melodies through my life. I'm always looking to catch a glimpse of His elusive, ethereal melody which He has put in my heart.

I look... for the beauty in everything, because I know that the Creator made everything to reflect His beauty in some way. And I desire to proclaim His glory to the world!

I write...  for God's glory. All my poems, my stories, my novels and my blog posts are written to reflect a little of the glory God has revealed in my life. I desire for them to be a catalyst to bring people closer to God.

I compose... to express myself. I play the piano, and am working on violin and guitar as well. Playing on the piano is the easiest way for me to create beauty that reflects my Maker. I also teach piano, and it has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done yet.

I capture... God's creation in photography. I see beauty everywhere I look, and it's my desire to capture it as often as I can. (click here to see my photography blog)

I love... my life. I am at a Christian college right now, majoring in piano pedagogy, and I love it so much. Life is challenging and school is demanding, but God is right there through it all. And in it all I hold tight to the memories and people I love. My friends, though few, are each rare jewels in my sight and God's, and I treasure them. My family is my source of support and stability, and I don't know where I'd be without them. My God is my sole satisfaction, and in Him I find boundless delight and comfort.

I'm learning... that God isn't finished with me yet. There is so much more God has to teach me and impress upon my heart. Right now I'm on a journey to overcome fear, and I know that is only one step up the mountain. 

I am... a Melody in the mouth of my Savior. I always have a song in my heart and on my lips. And I would have it no other way.

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