Fall blew in yesterday...

The wind blew in fall yesterday.

The yellow leaves were blowing past my window where no leaves had blown before. The sky was covered in gloomy clouds, and the earth was quickly beginning to lose its greenness. It was a moody, melancholy, dreamy day - so beautiful that I had to go outside and experience its glory.

Outside, the wind stretched its icy fingers down my back and whipped my hair around my face. But I didn't care. To quote Mrs. Who from A Wrinkle in Time: "Wild Nights are my glory!" I love the bracing feel of sharp, fall wind that gusts in bursts upon my face. I love the darkness and the mysteriousness of being outside. The only thing that would have made it better was if it were storming.

The day was so beautiful, and the air so strong, that I decided to take some pictures:

I finally had to come inside because my fingers and toes were starting to go numb. But once inside, I turned on music from Lord of the Rings to keep the mood going. Unfortunately, though I felt in a poetic frame of mind with the influences of the stirring wind and music, I had to do schoolwork.

Yes, boring, exhausting, time-consuming schoolwork. Schoolwork is the reason I have not blogged until today, and the reason I will probably not be able to blog until Thursday night. You see, I'm studying for a CLEP test which I'll be taking on Thursday. If you don't know what a CLEP test is (I have been very surprised to find out that most people don't!), it is similar to an AP test. I get college credit if I pass. That's what I'm doing for college this year, so it is very important that I pass.

But after that test is over... bring on the poetry! :)



So, what's vividry, anyways?

I bet you're wondering why I called my blog vividry. Just to make it entirely clear, it's not vividly, vivid, or vivify. Just vividry.

Vividry is a word that I created recently. It was originally going to be the name of a greeting card business, but that ship didn't sail. So I decided to re-cycle it (since it is such an awesome word!) and use it for my blog. Briefly put: vividry is a thought or idea that is portrayed in a unique, vivid way. So like Psalm 17:8, where the psalmist says, "Hide me in the shadow of Your wings" (speaking to God). God doesn't literally have wings, but it creates a distinct image in your mind how God shelters and protects His own. That's what vividry is.

Some people may call it imagery, similies, metaphors, or figurative language, but I just call it vividry. And I find that I can see it everywhere.


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