So, what's vividry, anyways?

I bet you're wondering why I called my blog vividry. Just to make it entirely clear, it's not vividly, vivid, or vivify. Just vividry.

Vividry is a word that I created recently. It was originally going to be the name of a greeting card business, but that ship didn't sail. So I decided to re-cycle it (since it is such an awesome word!) and use it for my blog. Briefly put: vividry is a thought or idea that is portrayed in a unique, vivid way. So like Psalm 17:8, where the psalmist says, "Hide me in the shadow of Your wings" (speaking to God). God doesn't literally have wings, but it creates a distinct image in your mind how God shelters and protects His own. That's what vividry is.

Some people may call it imagery, similies, metaphors, or figurative language, but I just call it vividry. And I find that I can see it everywhere.


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