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Violet from All For the Love of Chaos and I are writing a story together, which we have been posting on a private blog. There are about eight journal entries up right now, and we are continuing to add to them. We would love to have readers who can give us some feedback and let us know how the story affects them.

Here's the little "teaser" to pique your curiosity:

The story is told through the journal entries of Rosandra Seams and Diana Kelper, best friends in an unusual situation. After Diana lost her family in a fire that burned down their manor, Rosandra's family kindly offered to take Diana in, at least for a while. It seems like the perfect situation, right? I mean, who wouldn't want their best friend to come and live with them?

But though they believed they were "best friends," they soon come to realize how little they really knew each other. Their friendship is severely tested as they constantly work against instead of with each other. They will have to learn all over again what being a true friend really means.  Yet their road to trust is rockier than even they can imagine.

Interested? Post a comment with your email address (which I won't publish) and I can invite you to view the blog. Or, if you've already sent me your email for something else, just let me know and I can add you!

3 vivid thoughts:

Merriette said... {Reply}

I would love to read it! You already have my email address so please add me. That sounds like it could be such a great story--especially because I already know you both are terrific writers. :)

Rose said... {Reply}

I just love your header. It is beautiful!

Joy said... {Reply}

sure, I'd like to read it! You have my email address. :)

~ Joy


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