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Recently, after reading the Modesty Survey put on by the Rebelution, I was really convicted about the way I dress. It's easy to rationalize things and say, "Well, this isn't that immodest," or "I can wear another shirt under it or over it and it will be fine." But through this survey, I realized that what I wear does affect guys, and can lead them into wrong thinking very easily. I also realized that I want my outfits to reflect God, not myself, to others. So I have been culling through my wardrobe evaluating my clothes.

That said, I haven't thought much about femininity before this week. I have a ton of skirts (trust me - my closet is mostly filled with skirts!), but I don't wear them very much. I've mostly saved them for church and special occasions. Doing this feminine farmgirl challenge has changed my view on that. I've realized that I can wear skirts more often - and I enjoy doing so!

During this challenge, I've noticed a number of things. When I wear a skirt, I'm treated differently by guys. I'm treated with more respect, and sometimes with more distance (which is fine with me!). Wearing a skirt also affects me: I walk more carefully, feel more feminine and free. At first, it was a little hard for me because I felt self-conscious (especially at my college class). But it was good for me to think about dressing for God, not for others.

I've realized that dressing femininely is beautiful, just as much as dressing modestly is. Even though I will continue to wear jeans, I plan on wearing skirts more frequently. And, as a young woman seeking after God's heart, I want my outward appearance to reflect my status as God's daughter. Because that's what true modesty and femininity is all about.

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Memzie said... {Reply}

What a beautiful message, Melody! It is wonderfully real and SO true. Thank you for sharing such thoughts. Your words really hit something in me.

Amber said... {Reply}

This has become one of the many things I was (and still am) convicted about. I love this post!

Evergreena said... {Reply}

That's cool. The Modesty Survey is a great resource, isn't it?
I own several skirts, but to be honest, I don't wear them very often. When I do, it's usually to Church, or something like a concert or wedding. For one thing, I'm not an extremely girly girl, and also sometimes, it's more modest to wear pants than a skirt. ;) Like at my job, it just wouldn't be practical to wear skirts there. But I respect other girls who wear skirts more often than I do.

Melody said... {Reply}

Evergreena: Yes, I'm not trying to say that all girls should wear skirts, or that I look down on girls who wear pants all the time. Every young lady is different, and each has a different set of preferences and tastes. :)



HIS daughter said... {Reply}

This is such a neat post! I was affected in much the same way when I first read the modesty survey and also did the feeling feminine challenge. I love your skirts! They are so adorable :)

richelle jean said... {Reply}

my goodness. thank you so so so much for this. this is something that so many of us girls need to think about and you totally brought it back into perspective for me. love your blog and thank you so much for this! God is so good in giving us reminders. thank you.



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