You Asked For It!

Here are the videos of me playing my compositions like you asked for! I've uploaded two for your enjoyment. It's been pretty amazing how each day this week I will just sit down at the piano and compose a new song. It is so much fun. :)
Please make sure to turn off the music player on the sidebar before you watch them. 

This first one is called "Frustration", and is based off of a very simple (but effective) chord progression. I imagine someone sitting down at the piano and starting a song, but quickly getting frustrated that it just repeats over and over again:

This song is tentatively titled "Press On". I envision a person on a journey, exhausted and weary beyond belief, yet always finding new strength in God. I'd like to know how it speaks to you!
The song is not quite "finished" - i.e. there are probably parts I will take out or polish a little more. And the ending is rather drawn out because I wasn't really solid on how I was going to end it. But here it is, for your enjoyment:

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Jessica said... {Reply}

I love the music and I feel like I can really hear the intent of your composition! Your so talented...( I definitely can't compose a song everyday or even close-- more like 4 in my life time))
Thanks for sharing, because I did enjoy them :)

Sereina said... {Reply}

Wow! Your amazing, Melody! I love Frustration. Keep it up!

Lady Blanche Rose said... {Reply}

WOW!!!!!!!!! That was incredible!!! I only had time to listen to the first one, but I absolutely loved it! It was so dark and emotional...really cool. I'll have to listen to the other one later today. I've always wished I could write music, but I never come up with anything and I don't really know the technicalities of playing piano. Maybe someday... But my goodness, you certainly have a wonderful gift! :)

The Golden Eagle said... {Reply}

Awesome, Melody! :)

Allison Elizabeth said... {Reply}

Those were so beautiful!

Allison Elizabeth ♥

Ruthie said... {Reply}

"Frustration" was epic! (And I rarely use that term) Seriously, I thought it was awesome!
And "Press On," even though you say it's "not quite finished," was absolutely beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your gift :)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Thanks so much for sharing! I truly enjoyed them :) Your music keeps me wondering, "How did you come up with that?" Your gift is a blessing :)


Limwen said... {Reply}

Hi there!

I awarded you! :)

Memzie said... {Reply}

Your are so talented!!!

Wow! If only I had that much talent!

Lovely pieces, Melody!!!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Yes, I dabble in music composition. I haven't really "written" a whole lot of songs. I know what you mean about it being monotonous. I wasn't too impressed with it myself...I have trouble writing music with a piano. But when I use software...it seems to go a WHOLE lot better! Like yesterday when I was writing at my Aunt's, i started puting notes on the lines (just puting them where I thought it'd flow best) and it came out to be AWESOME! (with like no tweaking! I'm not kidding. I think it will be better than The Voice of Winter. :)

I wish I had a keyboard...like a really nice one. ;)I love playing music!! :)

And I liked your long comment!

~Awel P.

p.s. Yeah, my aunt's teaching me theory and chords and all that rot! the only thing I dislike are playing scales. X( Even though I'm not totally rotten with them.

Maggie said... {Reply}

Those are amazing! You made them? Those could be on a piano CD or something. :) You have an amazing talent on the piano, I wish I could play piano like that.

I still open your blog and love the design! It is so pretty.


Evergreena said... {Reply}

Oh dear. I tried playing the videos, but all I got was this message "The video you requested could not be loaded. Please try again later."

Noooo! I want to hear your compositions! I'm sure they're great. I'll just have to try again later, I guess. :(

Caleb said... {Reply}

Frustration is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. Do you write out your music, or just play it by memory?


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