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You know how you can tell which bloggers are "just starting out", and which have been around for quite a while? Well I was thinking, what if there was a way for the more established bloggers to help out the newbies? I know we all want to build a better blog, whether it's attracting more followers or subscribers, figuring out when (and what) to blog about, knowing all the ins and outs of designing, or even just knowing how to do a bit of html. I'm not saying I'm a professional or anything, but there are some tips I've found about blogging that I'd like to be able to share with other bloggers. I'm sure you've found some as well.
So - introducing:

Three Top Tips is just like what it sounds like: an event for you to post the three most beneficial tips you have come across in your blogging journey. A way for you to give a little something, and hopefully pick up a little something too.

Here's how it will work. The event will be held on July 1st through the 4th. On the 1st, I will post my three top tips, with a linky list for you to link to. Any time from July 1st to July 4th you can create a post of your own three top tips, and then add it to the list. On Monday (July 5th), I will put up a poll on my sidebar for people to vote for the Twelve "Tip-Top" Tips out of all the tips entered. (Don't you just love that tongue twister?)

Here are the Official Rules:

1. Anyone can participate. :) As long as you can come up with three things that have benefited you in your blogging journey, you are welcome to join in! Please don't feel intimidated by the long-time bloggers or bloggers who have several hundred followers or whatever else may intimidate you. It doesn't matter how long you have been blogging or how many followers you have - you have tips to share! And besides, who knows how many bloggers might benefit from what you've learned?

2. Make sure that your tips are not just preferences. For example, a good tip would be: "Don't have the background of your posts be a similar or conflicting color with the color of your words." A preference would be more like "A three-column blog looks nicer than a two-column blog." 

3. If your tips are specific for a certain kind of blog, that is great as well! Just please make sure to state that next to the tip. (i.e. Tip #1 [for photography blog] )

4. Please only post three tips! I know it's hard to narrow things down, but I did pick the number three for a reason (and no - the reason wasn't just for alliteration). This way you have to think carefully and only post your very best tips. Some ideas for you are to pick the three things that were the most helpful to you when starting, or maybe the three things you learned that radically changed the way you blog or the amount of followers you received.

I would love to have a lot of participation in this so we can get a wide range of tips and tricks. So please, spread the word! Take my button and put it on your sidebar, post about it, tell all your friends, tell all your neighbors.... well, maybe not that radical, but you catch my drift. ;) And be sure to tell all the newbie bloggers you know (online or in real life). I really want this event to be an encouragement and help to them.

I hope you all enjoy this event, and I look forward to seeing all of your insights on July 1st!

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Guinevere said... {Reply}

Oh, what a lovely idea, Melody! =)

Alexandra said... {Reply}

What an interesting idea! This is *so* perfect for all the newbies out there...and even for the "professionals" at blogging. It's a win-win for everyone!! Great thinking ^^

Anonymous said... {Reply}

That's an awesome idea! I would love to join...(although I literally haven't started my blog yet! But I'm hoping to do so on July 1st) And I would like to say that I really appreciate you following my blog :)


Hannah said... {Reply}

This is a realy great idea, Melody! I can't wait to see all the tips that people will have. And in the mean time, I've got some thinking to do=)

Thank you so much for following my blogs!


Elizabeth Rose said... {Reply}

I love that idea, Melody! Brilliant. :) I shall DEFINITELY be linking up! Can't wait!

Love in Christ,
Lizzy Rose

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Hmmm...hopefully I can think of my three best tips...I don't get "tons" of followers by the gobs...but I'll think...think...THINK



Alexandra said... {Reply}

There's a contest over at Guin's blog!


So if you're not a follower already, would you mind following her (great) blog?

And if you do, please comment saying that I sent you there! I would really appreciate it :)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Oooh, ooh, ooh! I can't wait for this! I thought of my first tip. I know really great of me to only have ONE so far, but I'm thinking. :) :)

Talk to you later!!

Awel P.

p.s. stop there, rewind, erase. continue. I thought of my first TWO tips....wait a minute! Do that rewind,erase, continue thing again. All THREE tips. Now I'm really done. :)


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