Modest Fashion Day 5

Well, it's the last day of Modest Fashion week!

I couldn't resist wearing pink again. ;) The shirt I got as a gift from a friend. Capri's are from Kohl's (I believe they were $15). Flip-flops were also from Kohl's (like $10 or so).

I just wore my hair down today, as we went to the lake and swam. And the flowers are embroidered all over my shirt. :)

Well, this modest fashion week has been fun! I hope you all have enjoyed seeing my outfits. :) I'm so thankful that it really is possible to dress modestly and fashionably. :D

6 vivid thoughts:

Memzie said... {Reply}

Absolutely lovely!

Brittany said... {Reply}

Cute! I love your blouse!

Antonia said... {Reply}

Thank you for following my blog, Melody! :)

Beautiful outfit. I also like your outfit of day 4 a lot.

Elizabeth Rose said... {Reply}

I love it, Melody! You look so sweet in that shirt. :)

I've enjoyed your Modest Fashion Week posts a lot!

In Christ,
Lizzy Rose

Milli said... {Reply}

How pretty!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I've added you to the list- I'm sorry I forgot you! Thanks for letting me know. =)



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