The Melody of my Life

I picked the name "Melody" as my name on the blog world for a reason. Music, inspiration, and words - that's what makes up a melody. And that's also what makes up my life.

This is my longer "About Me", which I thought you would enjoy. (It can be found by clicking on the "about me" in my header).

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I LIKE... to think of my life as a song God is writing. I'm always looking to catch a glimpse of His illusive, ethereal melody which He has put in my heart. And I constantly try to put the unexplainable into words by my own musical compositions. 

I LOOK... for the beauty in everything, because I know that the Creator made everything to reflect His beauty in some way. And I desire to proclaim His attributes to the world!

I WRITE...  for God's glory. All my poems, my stories, my novels and my blog posts are written to reflect a little of the glory God has revealed in my life. I desire for them to be a catalyst to bring people closer to God.

I COMPOSE... to express myself. I play the piano, though I would love to play violin and guitar as well (and develop my voice). Playing on the piano is the easiest way for me to create beauty that reflects my Maker. My compositions are like dewdrops from my soul; reflecting my emotions as well as the One who composed my life.

I CAPTURE... God's creation in photography. I will admit I'm an amateur photographer, but I love to experiment, and I often will take a picture just because "it would be an awesome photograph!" I see beauty everywhere I look, and it's my desire to capture it as often as I can. (click here to see my photography blog)

I LOVE... my life. I am preparing for college, and I am holding tight to the memories and people I love. My friends, though few, are each rare jewels in my sight and God's, and I treasure them. My family is my source of support and stability, and I don't know where I'd be without them. My God is my sole satisfaction, and in Him I find boundless delight and comfort.

I AM... a Melody in the mouth of my Savior. I always have a song in my heart and on my lips. And I would have it no other way.

6 vivid thoughts:

Lady Milisande Awnia Grim said... {Reply}

That is Beautiful!

Lizzy Bennet said... {Reply}

That was so beautiful, Melody.

Love in Christ,

Amber said... {Reply}

Your words are rare, and I love it. Beautiful melodies!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Dear melody, I just noticed as I was reading your post that your borders are a little out of whack (where the widesidebarwrapper meets the other sidebar wrapper below. to fix it just increase your widesidebar wrapper by 1 px and check to make sure it looks "seamless". :)


p.s. I dunno why it does that... :)

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank-you, gals, and thanks for the tip, Awel! Does it look better now?


Anonymous said... {Reply}

Love the way you wrote this, Melody! The name "Melody" suits you so well. I play the violin, and I would like to play the piano and guitar :)



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