So You Think I Plan...

I wrote a poem last week which is rather unique. Usually I try to write my poems with a general thought in mind, but not necessarily describing myself. Like for example this poem, though written out of my own emotions, does not specifically describe me. But this poem I'm about to share with you does. And it's called, "So You Think I Plan."

So You Think I Plan

I never plan inspiration;
Preferring to let ideas come to me
Still half-wild and fresh from the source,
Instead of searching and picking for them.

I rarely plan what I'm speaking;
Relying on my sharp mind
To form the right response
As my mouth forms words.

I sometimes plan to be organized;
Getting my room in perfect condition
And my lists all up-to-date,
Though it hardly ever stays that way for long.

But I always plan time to meet with the Lord,
To be strengthened by His Word
First thing in my day.
And this is what makes all of my plans succeed.
(copyright Melody 2010)

2 vivid thoughts:

Amber said... {Reply}

I can relate...but this really makes me think. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem :)

Lizzy Bennet said... {Reply}

Wow, that was amazing, Melody! I can totally relate. I loved the poem - good work!

Love in Christ,


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