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Well, I went and done it. After telling myself that I could keep all of my interests together on this blog, I finally realized that I really ought to have another blog for my photography.

So, I made one. It's called A Rose in God's Garden Photography. The subtitle is "Capturing Beauty Wherever He Plants Me". Here's a picture of the header to pique your interest:

Come on over and check it out! I would absolutely love it if you followed. :)

Also, Hannah is having her last week of Planting Chums, and this week's theme is "Four Facts about Me". So here goes! I've been doing a lot of tag & awards recently, so it's rather challenging to come up with more things about myself. But let me see if I can't come up with something...

1. I really do love photography, and I don't care that I don't have a very good camera. It's really a pet peeve of mine when people say, "I like to take pictures, but I only have a __ (whatever kind of cheap camera). Once I get __ I'll really be able to take pictures." I am perfectly content with what I have, and intend to use it to the best of my ability! Granted, it would be nice to have a nicer camera, but I still can take pretty cool pictures with what I have. 

2. I have almost perfect pitch. (I still need to work on it a little more.) Often, when my brothers play songs on the piano and get stuck, I'll yell across the house "It's a G!!" (or whatever note). :D And I can often figure out the key of the song I'm listening to.

3. I have 31 completed journals (working on my 32nd one), and I only started writing them when I was 13!

4. I've dyed my hair (but you really can't tell). The dye only makes it more of a lighter, redder sheen. I'm thinking about possibly dying the base back to my natural color and having this color be more like highlights. What do you all think about that?

Well, so there's my random facts about me! Hope you enjoyed reading them - and don't forget to check out my photography blog!

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Amber said... {Reply}

lol, fact #2 made me giggle. (In a good way!)
I will for sure go see your new blog!

Your sister in Christ,

Melody said... {Reply}

hehe yes, it is pretty funny when that happens. ;)
Thanks! I hope you enjoy the blog!



Rachel's Blog said... {Reply}

How funny that you yell across the house to your brothers what the note is when they're playing on the piano! Just the other day my brother was trying to play an old song on the piano - I've got it practically memorized by now - and he kept missing one note and couldn't figure it out. I kept saying "it's an F sharp! F sharp!"


Anonymous said... {Reply}

Hello, Melody, I'm dropping by to tell you that you've won the first place prize at my blog party! Head over to my blog to find out more! Congrats! :)

~Awel P.

Tiffany said... {Reply}

Wow 31 journals!!!! And I thought I had a lot. I have only 5 and I also started when I was 13!
It almost makes me jelous!!! :]

Good for you!

~ Tiffany

Melody said... {Reply}

Rachel: Yes, that's exactly what I do! My brothers are going through the same piano books as I did, so I know the songs inside and out. ;)

Tiffany: Aw, 5 journals isn't that bad for three years! I used to do a journal every three months, but now it's more like two journals every year. I think as I get older, everything catches up on me and I have less time to write!



Merriette said... {Reply}

Beautiful header.
I think you'd look nice with the lighter colour only in highlights.
I did tag you on Monday as promised. :)

carlotta said... {Reply}

I need to work on being content with the camera I have...great attitude :)


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