As I was studying my Spanish this week, I came across something which I thought was so cool that I just had to share it with you.

I don't know how many of you have taken Spanish (or are taking it), but I was reading about how to make a verb a command (like "Eat!"). For the informal form speaking to "you all", you take the infinitive, i.e. "vivir" (to live), and take away the -r, and put a -d in its place. So in this example, "vivir" became "vivid".

Now when I first read this, my mind connected the dots and I practically jumped out of my chair. Do you see it? In Spanish, vivid (you say vee-veed) means "You all, live!" And in English, vivid means brightly colored or "producing a strong and clear image on the senses" (definition taken from mirriam-webster.com). Put the two definitions together and you get: living in bright color!

Isn't that awesome? I just thought it was so cool when I read it. Because that's exactly what I want to do with my life. I want my life to be colorful and bright, not dull and gray. I want to take every opportunity to make a difference in others lives, to go out of my way to show them they're special and unique. I want to portray a strong and clear image to others - the image of Christ. 

So I'm saying to you all (and myself as well), VIVID!

By the way, speaking of vivid things - check out my photography blog if you haven't already done so! I just put up some pretty purple pictures up on there, which I'm sure you'll enjoy. ;)

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Amber said... {Reply}

So awesome :)

Sierra said... {Reply}

Wow, that certainly is neat! (and interesting) =)


Celebrilomiel said... {Reply}

That's one of the reasons I love languages and words. How they tie in to each other, how the way one is spelled in one language is like a synonym to the way it's spelled in another...
That's so cool! xD

Ivorydancer said... {Reply}

That's so cool! I might be taking Spanish here soon :P

I noticed though that only part of your post shows up in the feedburner emials....

K.M. Weiland said... {Reply}

Love it! I took Spanish two years running in high school, but I guess I missed that lesson. :p Love your blog title too.

Eldarwen said... {Reply}

I LOVE that pic!! I awarded you!



Limwen said... {Reply}

That's so cool! I love the delightful little secrets you find in studying languages, and all the little coincidences there are. It's really fascinating. :D

God bless!

Caroline said... {Reply}

This is an awesome reminder, Melody, to live vividly. It's what I need to remember to do because, I, ah, certainly need to work on that... :).

Lindsay said... {Reply}

Hey Melody!
I just gave you the "sweet friend" award on my blog. You can find it in my latest post, okay? :)

~ Love,


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