If We Win, We Praise Him

...and if we lose, we praise Him.

This was what was going though my mind almost the whole day today. As I studied all my vocabulary words for the Spanish CLEP that last time before the test, I just kept thinking of this quote. I knew the test was going to be hard, and I also knew that whatever the outcome, it was God's will. I prayed: Lord, if I pass this test, I'll give You the glory, and if I don't pass this test, I will still praise You.

Well, I didn't pass.

And still my hands and my voice are lifted in praise. My God is sovereign, and He knew the outcome of this test even before I ever planned to take it. He has a purpose in this, as he does in everything. And even though it may hurt my pride for me not to be able to say "I did it!", I know He is growing me through this.

And, as one friend said, "Well, who knows? Perhaps you'll meet your future husband in Spanish class at Cedarville!"

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Amber said... {Reply}

Melody, I am so inspired!
Love ya friend!

Sweet Blessings,

Lindsay said... {Reply}

Wow, what a wonderful post, Melody! Your attitude is great! (I love that quote from "Facing the Giants.") And your friend might be right. You never know... ;-)

~ Lots of love,
Lindsay <3

Frailyn said... {Reply}

Hi Melody,

You have such a good soul. Yes, indeed, God has a purpose in everything. And I know that anytime soon, He will reveal these things to you. May God bless you always. Keep that spirit up, praising God for all the wonders He has done. :)


Rachel's Blog said... {Reply}

Great post Melody - this is how we should be all the time! I am a little behind in my school work so I'll be working through the summer; not what I was hoping for, but 1) I need to be a better manager of my time and 2) I will learn through the situation and give God the glory!


Ivorydancer said... {Reply}

lol I can understand that... Think happy thoughts Melody, happy thoughts :)



Caroline said... {Reply}

Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't pass, Melody. But you've got such a good attitude towards it. I've had the same thing happen to me before (in a writing contest) and I couldn't believe it when I didn't pass, but God had knew what He was doing and has bigger and better things planned.

Keep up that positive outlook! We love ya:)

Memzie said... {Reply}

Way to think positively, Melody! I am sorry you didn't get to pass the test though.

Your friends comment cracked me up! But hey, you never know. Anything IS possible.

Eden said... {Reply}

Great post, Melody! Well written. But I'm sorry you didn't pass the CLEP test. Maybe you will meet your future husband in Spanish class. :-) Have a blessed weekend!


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