Just a note to say

I will be taking a break from blogging until this weekend.

I'm preparing to take a CLEP test this Thursday, so I've decided to limit my time on the computer (and on blogger) until then. I do have a post scheduled for my photography blog, and I will be publishing your comments, so I won't totally be gone. I just really want to focus my time on studying (and also practicing for my piano recital that's coming up this Saturday).

This test is for the Spanish language, and it's one of the most intense and challenging ones I've taken yet. Spanish is a difficult subject for me, and I'm having a hard time finding confidence that I can pass it. So I would very much appreciate your prayers!

Hasta luego, mi amigos!

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Sereina said... {Reply}

I'll pray! I'm sure you'll do fine, Melody.


Caroline said... {Reply}

I'll pray for your test! But you'll do awesome. And hope your piano recital goes great too!! Sounds like you have an exciting week. I'm listening to By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North (from your playlist) and I couldn't help thinking that it's perfect your blog!:D

Memzie said... {Reply}

I'll be praying for you!

Thanks for praying for me and for the lovely comment.

Jessica said... {Reply}

Hi Melody,
I will be praying for you.
When you get back, there's an award waiting for you at my blog :D

~ Jessica

Michaela said... {Reply}


I just found your blog from Jessica+His. I love your blog! It is so pretty! God bless.


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