Here is another poem. This one I wrote in December, so it isn't as recent, but I really have been struck by the ideas in this recently. So many people I know (including & especially myself), have trouble with being real. Being willing to let people see beyond the surface smiles, the "I-have-it-all-together" looks. How can we let others see past the iced-over surface? Read on and you shall see the conclusion I came to.


I am a pond.
Unmoving - unmovable.
Nothing ruffles my glassy surface.
No one can pierce through the image I portray,
And see the depth
Of my pain.
I am indecipherable.

I feel a sensation of cold,
A snowflake prickles my skin
As it settles down on my surface.
Frantically, I try to stop it from sinking in.
Building up an icy wall,
Until I am once more,

Yet this sheet of ice begins to weigh upon me
Freezing my mind and emotions
I begin to really feel
Just how absent are my feelings.
What am I?
I am lifeless and cold

The winter drags on
Your gentle snow piles on top of my self-made burden,
Weighing me down even more.
I almost wish it could break through
Just so I wouldn't feel so cold and empty.
But the wall just keeps building up, thicker and thicker.
I am unthawable.

As winter comes to a close,
I feel a warmth seep through my shell.
Slowly, oh so slowly,
The ice begins to get thinner and thinner
Until I can see Your sun once more
Shining dimly through the still-opaque glass.
I am yearning for something more.

I am so ready for this moment
When I shall finally be free.
Yet I dread it too,
For at least safety came with this captivity.
But cold winds come, like death,
And bind me in my cage of ice.
Unreachable once more.

I cry out in my anguish
Hoping that You will help me.
But the answer I recieve seems harsh,
Piercing drops of rain that pelt me on all sides.
I begin to feel my shell melt once more,
But oh, what a painful way this is!

In each raindrop that melts down to my very soul,
I hear Your voice, calling and convicting me.
And I know I can't hide under the surface any longer.
I must let Your words
Expose the depth of my heart.
I must become
(copyright Melody 2009)


7 vivid thoughts:

Celebrilomiel said... {Reply}

Ohhh... Melody, that's beautiful! So true.
You portrayed it so tangibly. Bravo!

Stephanie said... {Reply}

WOW! That was a REALLY cool poem. I could totally understand what was going on! Keep up the great work! =D

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you! It felt very tangible in my mind, so I'm glad I was able to convey that to my readers. :)

Hannah said... {Reply}

Melody, that is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. Would you mind if I posted it on my blog (giving proper credit to you, of course) and linked back to your blog?

(Also, thanks for following--I'm following as well. :)

Love & Blessings,


Melody said... {Reply}

Aw, thank you Hannah! I would love it if you posted my poem on your blog (giving credit to me) & linked to me. Thank-you for asking! :)

I really like both your blogs! Sounds like we both share a love of beauty. :) Thanks for following!


Emily said... {Reply}

You captured those emotions so truly, I almost cried. You have a talent.


Anonymous said... {Reply}

That is truly beautiful — you are an amazing poet.


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