First Poem of the Year - Creativity

Last night I was inspired to write a poem on creativity. It's kinda funny that with all the poems I've written, I've never written one on that topic. I've written alot about writing, and many other things, but never about creativity. It was a really fun poem to write, because I tried to think of new ways to say what I wanted to say (which is my favorite form of creativity).
 This poem is an acrostic, which means a word is spelled out by the first letter of each line. In each line I show some way that creativity influences my life.


Coiling itself around my mind,
Reaching through the words to grasp at my heart,
Eating away at my self-pity,
Always compelling me to do more,
Teaching me to think outside of the box,
Inspiring me wherever I go,
Veering my feet off the beaten path,
Illustrating the book of my life in vivid color,
Translating the words I write into feelings you can see -- 
Yeilding to its subtle commands is what makes my life unique.
(copyright Melody 2010)

Would you agree? Does creativity do that for you - or does it take more of a back seat in your life? Even if you don't use it at all, creativity is still a part of you. It's a part of all of us; the part that reflects the most glorious work of our Savior.
 I use my creativity in just about everything I do, especially in my writing and music. I always have to remind myself, though, if I don't keep my eyes on my Creator, I will never be able to reach my full creative potential. I often need to refocus my creativity on the One who created the desire for it in my heart. What about you?


2 vivid thoughts:

Amber said... {Reply}

Love it. And it's so true. I'm so inspired!

Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you! That's awesome that you're inspired by it because that's my goal! :D


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