"Does God have a Bible?"

Well, I have to apologize for waiting almost two weeks before my next post. I have a clep test coming up (it's actually tomorrow), and that has been taking up almost all of my time. (Just for your information, I do not recommend cramming everything you need to know about Western Civilization into your head over a period of about two weeks. It can be detrimental to the rest of your brain...lol ^.^)

However, I did want to share with you something pretty funny. You're probably wondering what on earth my title is about. Well, this December, when our church had its Christmas program, my brother was the one taking care of the "sheep" (who were all the little kids of the church - thankfully there were only two or three of them!). One little boy started getting antsy, and began firing off random questions at my brother Tim (who was actually trying to study for a test). Here is how Tim related the incident to me:

Markie (the little boy): How big is a 'potomus?
Tim: Very big.
Markie: Is it as big as this? -spreads arms wide-
Tim: Alot bigger.
Markie: How big?
Tim: Bigger than you.

Markie: How big is your eye?
Tim: Well you can see it.
Markie: Is it this big? -measures with finger- Is it this big? -spreads arms out.
Tim: My eye is right here, see?
Markie: Yes, but how big is it?

Markie: Does God have a Bible?
Tim: Um, no, he wrote the Bible.
Markie: But does he have a Bible?
Tim: Uh... I guess so.
Markie: Does God have a Bible?
Tim: (getting exasperated) Yeah, sure. He does.
Markie: Is God this big? (stretches his arms out as wide as he can).
Tim: -pretends not to hear-
Markie: Is he as big as a church? Is he as big as a... CAR?
Tim: No, he's much bigger. He's bigger than you can imagine.
Markie: Is He bigger than a tornado? Would a tornado suck up my brother?
Tim: -laughing- What?

As you can see, it was pretty hilarious and random. I hope that gave you a smile and a chuckle or two!


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Hannah said... {Reply}

Haha...I love little kids. They DO say the funniest things. ;)

Love & Blessings,


Merriette said... {Reply}

Haha, that is so funny! It is amusing how young children's thoughts leap from one thing to another.
I hope you do well on your CLEP test!

Melody said... {Reply}

lol I know! Sometimes you wonder how they can think up all these strange questions!
Thanks Merriete, I did very well on my CLEP test (and I'm glad it's over)!

Evergreena said... {Reply}

Thank you for following my blog!

I see that you did Nanowrimo... me too! It's so much fun and very productive. And I love your poetry, too. It's so... vivid! :)



Melody said... {Reply}

Thank you Evergreena! Yes, I think I remember seeing you on Nanowrimo (you have the same username, right?). I think we may even be buddies... lol! ;)
And thank-you for the compliment about my poetry - that made my day! :D


Celebrilomiel said... {Reply}

Haha! Little kids... xD

Rachel B said... {Reply}

Aha! That was awesome! I love it! Definitely funny :)


[Thanks for commenting on my iPod shuffle! :)]

Melody said... {Reply}

Thanks! XD
Sorry I didn't know more of your songs, Rachel! ;)


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