Music Weaves Throughout My Life

I've been thinking alot about music lately. It's amazing how much music is woven throughout the tapestry of my life, even if it's just in the background. I listen to music, compose it, practice it, teach it, basically live it. Just about the only time music isn't playing in my life is when I'm asleep - but even then I usually wake up with a song stuck in my head!

A huge way music is in my life is through my piano playing. I've been playing piano for about twelve years now, and I'm currently preparing three piano pieces for my audition at Cedarville. (Which is coming up in February!) These pieces have been in my life for quite some time now - the "oldest" one I started playing two or three years ago. They really are so much a part of me that I can play them with my eyes closed! I'm sure my family is getting sick of them by now, but I think they've become a part of their lives as well. I often catch my brothers humming my songs after I'm done practicing.

Music also takes a big role in my writing. Often, the lyrics of songs will inspire me for a poem, or even a whole story. I also usually find one or two (or a whole playlist) of songs that just fit perfectly with the story I'm writing. With my last NaNoWriMo novel, "Rescue My Heart", it was Love Story meets Viva la Vida by Jon Schmidt, More Than It Seems by Kutless, and The Offering by Michael W Smith. (Click on the links to listen to the songs on Grooveshark.) Those songs just really seemed to fit with the story at different parts, and sometimes I drew inspiration for the next scene from them!

At the end of one of my poems (I won't share the whole thing because I wrote it three years ago and it's not very good), I wrote these words: "Music is a part of me. Without it, I would cease to be." Though that is, perhaps, slightly exaggerated, the words are true. Music is the ink for my pen, the haven for my sorrows, the backing to my tapestry. And the best music, I've found, is the music that reminds me of the One who made my tapestry. He's skilfully weaving even as I write - and I'm so glad He uses music as the base for my life.


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Hannah said... {Reply}

Beautiful and true post, Melody. OH! I'm so glad that I'm following your blog. :)

BTW, what's your nano username? Mine's ElvishAuthoress, if you'd like to add me. :)

Love & Blessings,


Melody said... {Reply}

Aw, thank you Hannah! You're so sweet. :D
My nano username is Rosepetals. I went ahead and added you! :)



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