Only the Beginning of the Adventure

I have a number of these tags floating about my draft posts, and I figured - why not make them all in one post? So here they are:

The first tag is the Music Shuffle Tag! (from Stephanie) Rules: Put your music player on shuffle. Then answer the following questions by using the title to each song that plays while on shuffle. Then tag 6 people.

I tag:

Nicole K.

Are you male or female? What Do I Know of Holy? (Addison Road) -of course, let's answer a question with another question!

What do people feel when they are around you? And Now My Lifesong Sings (Casting Crowns) - I certainly hope so.

Describe your current relationship? You Raise Me Up (Selah) -this is the kind of relationship I desire. :)

Where would you like to be right now? You Are the Sun (Sara Groves) -haha nope

How do you feel about love? Like a Lake (Sara Groves) -poetic, but hard to decipher a meaning out of this :P

Whats your life like? Here I Am (soundtrack from Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron) -fits pretty well!

What would you wish for if you only had one wish? Jesus Hold Me Now (Casting Crowns) - yes!

Say something wise? What A Friend We Have In Jesus

If someone says "Is this okay. . ." You say? You Can't Take Me (soundtrack of Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron) -lol I guess I don't believe people very easily :P

How would you describe yourself? Impromptu Opus 90 No. 7 (Schubert) -so I guess I'm a piano piece!

How do you feel today? Cry of the Heart (Michael W. Smith)

What is your life's purpose? Oh Draw Me Lord (Selah)

What is your motto? All Things New (Watermark)

What do your friends think of you? Times (10th Avenue North)

What do you think of your parents? Miracle of the Moment (Steven Curtis Chapman)

What do you think of very often? Attempting the Impossible (Facing the Giants Soundtrack) - yes, I enjoy attempting the impossible, I try to do it every day!

What is 2+2? Nothing I've Ever Known (Soundtrack of Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron) -haha! I guess I epically fail at math :P

What do you think of your best friend? The Time is Now (Twila Paris)

What is your life story? All of Me (Selah)

What do you want to be when you grow up? How Long? (Michael Card) -lol I'm not that impatient!

What will you dance to at your wedding? You're Not Alone (Meredith Andrews) -ah, such a sweet song! :)

What will they play at your funeral? The Warrior is a Child (Twila Paris)

What is your hobby/interest? Spring (Vivialdi - Seasons) -well, I do like spring, though I don't know how that could be a hobby. :P

What is your biggest fear? My Surrender (Steven Curtis Chapman) -my biggest fear, and my biggest joy.

What is your biggest secret? The Promise (Jim Brickman) -I guess this could be true, since I have promised to remain pure until marriage.

What do you think of your friends? Different Kinds of Happy (Sara Groves)

What will you re-post this as? Only the Beginning of the Adventure (Narnia) - and it is! :D

Next, the friendship tag, which I got from Stephanie as well. :)

Rules: Choose any amount of friends, blog friends or real life friends, and say at least two things (or more!) you admire or like about them. Tag those friends, and if they have blogs, make sure to link to them!

Cassie: I am so blessed by the community you've put together on literary ladies! And I love the cute pictures you put up on your blog. :)

Merriette: You always have interesting, thought-provoking posts, and it's been a pleasure to get to know you through blogging. I enjoy your encouraging and insightful comments on my blog, as well as on my story! (and I hope I can read some of your written works someday). ;)

And here is the last tag: Name eight books you'd like to live in for a week, and then tag eight people:

1. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (but only for a week! And only if I was well away from all the badguys and such. Come to think of it, there isn't really any place in that world that's safe.)

2. The Little White Horse by Elizabet George (awesome book. Just like a fairytale!)

3. Redwall by Brian Jacques (I think I would most like to be a squirrel or an otter though)

4. Narnia (probably in The Magician's Nephew, because it would be so cool to see Aslan creating Narnia!)

5. At Home in Mitford by Jan Karen (it would be fun to be a part of such an interesting community!)

6.Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke (back to the simpler times, where they had their values in the right place)

7. The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson Burnett

8. Rescue My Heart or Alphyri (two books that I've written. Because I would love to meet my own characters! Though I'd probably end up like the author in Inkheart. :P)

I tag:
Rachel Danielle

Hope you enjoyed that! :D

8 vivid thoughts:

Evergreena said... {Reply}

"What is 2+2? Nothing I've Ever Known (Soundtrack of Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron) -haha! I guess I epically fail at math :P"

That is soooo funny!
And thanks for tagging me! I've secretly been wanting to try those tags... :)

Cassie said... {Reply}

Awww! Melody, thank you so much!!! I think that I might do as you did (combine tags into one post... useful isn't it?)

Thank you again and it makes me feel like LLDS is really worth while when I hear positive feed-back like that. =D

Have you read Jane Eyre yet for this month? I finished it today and was sobbing during the last chapter... beautiful...


Love in Christ,
Your friend,

Nicole K. said... {Reply}

Hi Melody!

I enjoyed reading your answers! That was a fun post. ;-) Thanks for tagging me! I'll probably do a post on it early in the week.

Have a blessed day,

Frailyn said... {Reply}

I'm so humbled. Thanks for the tag :) I enjoyed reading your blog (as I always do). This is very entertaining. I'd probably searh these books you've mentioned and read them too. And I would really like to read those books you have written. You are a very good writer. You always write from your heart and I will always admire you for that. God bless you! :)

Melody said... {Reply}

Evergreena: That answer is my favorite as well! When I heard the song start I burst out laughing. :D Hope you enjoy filling out the tag!

Cassie: I'm skimming Jane Eyre since I read it quite recently. I'm finding that I enjoy it even more the second time! The last chapter is the best part by far. :)

Nicole: Glad you enjoyed it! That tag is fun to fill out. :)

Frailyn: Aw, thank you for your sweet words! All of those books are good stories, and I think you would love reading them. And I'd be more than happy to let you read my stories! If you give me your email in a comment (which I won't post), I can send you the one I'm working on now (Rescue My Heart). :D

Blessings to all of you!


Merriette said... {Reply}

Melody, thank you so much for tagging me and for your encouraging and kind words. I love you, girl!

Ivorydancer said... {Reply}

Thanks for the tag Melody! I have extended the contest to the 31st... Hope that's enough time!

Caroline said... {Reply}

I love the Spirit soundtrack! One of my favorites:)


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