With One Word

When I saw this on quite a few of the blogs I follow, I knew I had to join. Like I said in this post, I don't really do new year's resolutions well - I prefer more life goals and long-term visions.

But I also want to focus on something small, something attainable this year.

One word sounds small enough to me.

And the funny thing is, I knew just exactly what word I wanted to focus on for this year. It's so simple, yet so incredibly big.

Whenever I hear it, or think of it, I experience this deep, intense longing which I almost cannot name or express. I want so very much to have this word be the anthem of my life.

It's been a theme of my prayers for quite some time, yet I never seem to be able to wrap my mind around it.

My one word for 2011 is:


I want to be completely and utterly satisfied in Christ. It goes along with abiding in Christ, which is another word I considered (and an equally excellent goal). To be able to rest in His unchanging love... to find my completeness, my wholeness, my joy, my purpose, my worth, my love, my satisfaction, my everything... in Him. That is what I want this year.

What one word will you take on for 2011?

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