I Want to Be

So many times, New Year's resolutions are about doing new things - working out, going to a new Bible Study, whatever it may be. These aren't bad in themselves, but this year I don't just want to do.

I want to be

I want to be a Christian who seeks after God with all her heart - constantly hungering with all her might to grasp still more of who Christ is.

One who knows her foundation is in Christ alone, and that she can rest securely in His hand, His love, His acceptance.

One who reaches out to those who are lonely, outcasts, different... and pours into them Christ's love no matter how unlovable they may seem.

One who is willing to be drained dry of life, strength, energy - simply to draw more people to my Savior.

One who loves and cherishes the riches of God's Word ever more fully.

One who is willing to be bold when the opportunity for truth is presented. 

One who cares not only for the well-being of people... but for their souls.

One who serves and magnifies Christ with all I have.

This is what I desire to be - by God's grace.
What do you want to be this year?

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