Still Sweet

Life Is Sweet

You know what?

I'm back at college (I came back Monday), and even though things are crazy and sometimes I'm sad about leaving my family and friends back at home... life is still sweet. God has been overwhelmingly good to me here at Cedarville, and I'm only on my third day back!

So here's ten things that make my life sweet:

{1} Waking up
Yeah, you wouldn't think that would be on my happy list, would you? But even though I've been having to wake up earlier than break (6:30, usually), it is still good. Because instead of being jolted awake by my alarm, God has been gently waking me about twenty minutes before it. It is the most amazing thing to be wakened by God, and just to come before His throne in the first few minutes of my morning.

{2} The Tangled Soundtrack
This is my new go-to album for everything. Sad, sweet, peppy, dramatic... it's got it all!

{3} Inspiration
I'm constantly amazed by this, but even in the midst of all the business, in the midst of the craziness, my inspiration still flows! I've had thoughts for blog posts by the dozens, as well as some writing inspiration on my own stories. (Speaking of blog posts - watch out for a new meme I'll be introducing sometime the middle of next week!)

{4} The joy of studying the Bible
My day is simply not complete if I have not fed myself with at least a morsel of the most delicious and satisfying food ever - God's holy word.

{5} Playing in an ensemble
I'm playing a trio by Brahms with a violinist and a french horn player this semester, and I'm super excited! I love the sound of multiple instruments together... and this piece is gorgeous.

{6} Grand pianos to practice on!
Need I say more? ;)

{7} Relying on God 24/7
You wouldn't think this would be fun, but  in an amazing way, it is. It really reminds me about His sovereignty in my life... in everything.

{8} Haircut!
I'll show you a picture soon, hopefully - but I got it cut quite short (for me). ;)

{9} Hearing harmonies in my head
Seriously, this so amazing. As I'm singing in chapel I'll suddenly realize that I'm not singing the melody anymore - I'm singing some random harmony that I just hear in my head. It is so cool!

{10} The amazing blessing of knowing so many people who love me, care about me, and pray for me
And I think this is the sweetest of all.

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