A Blessing (Guest Post)

When I was merely 6 or 7 years old, I wanted something... badly.  Remarkably, it wasn't a new barbie, or a playhouse set with a load of toys.  Not even some cute outfits for my numerous dolls.  What I wanted was out of the ordinary in any little girls' dreams.

My desire was simply a loyal human-being, with whom I could walk hand-in-hand as we stroll through our path, leading to Christ.  Someone who I could play with, and trust so I'm positive that none of my (silly) secrets would be spilled.  A family member that will over-look the feuds we gets ourselves into, and give me endless love and vice versa.--no matter what happens.

I just wanted a sister.

Whenever I spotted a fountain, I asked my mom for a coin to throw in, and make a wish.  I still remember fragments of the times I would hold that penny up to my squinting face, and wish extra hard for a sister someday.  At night, as soon as my eye caught the first star, twinkle against the mid-night blue sky, I rehearsed the "Star Light, Star Bright" jingle.  In between all the wishing opportunities I received, I prayed and prayed and prayed.

About four years ago, my mom told me the exciting news...oh, how excited I was!  I was totally overjoyed and ecstatic; I just couldn't believe it.  I think the setting was actually in my elementary school parking lot, as my mom picked me up from an after-school program (therefore, there weren't that many people around).  So unexpected!

On April 26th, 2007 I became a big sister.  It was surely one of the best days of my life, and it's all thanks to God.  He was the almighty who had answered all of my prayers (etc.) and I am immensely grateful to have the extraordinary blessing that was given to me...by Him.  I now have a soul-mate, a soul-sister.  Nothing can replace Tori (which is my little sisters name--short for Victoria), nothing at all.  Although we look nothing alike, we're a part of each other.

Despite the fact that we're about 9 years apart, I can see God through her actions; because like Him, she is always there for me when I need her, and most of the times (when she's not cranky in the morning before her milk) always wants me with her.  This is definitely true because sometimes when I'm due for chores, she quickly clings onto my leg, and yells, "No Alex, don't go!  I love you."   She also might through in "you're my sister, you're my best friend" as an excuse for me not to leave because Tori already knows my weakness.  I can't help her cuteness...because honestly, no one could really help but smile back at my sisters' pleading face.

Tori proudly defends me, and encourages me when I struggle to accomplish a task whenever possible.  She also tries to comfort me when she'll rarely see me crying in worry or sadness...otherwise, she'll cry with me.  When it comes to that point, it almost seems like she's forcing me to stop.  Another sign that God is assuring me everything will fall into place, and that it'll be alright.  I never like to see her cry.

Just last week I had a nightmare about loosing my sister.  I vaguely remember that she had a strange disease of some-sort and was going to pass away soon.  That night, I was sleeping in my parents bed (my dad was working) and when I woke up, frantically sweating with my eyes popped open, I turned to Tori and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.  I believe that God makes everything happen for a reason, and the nightmare he brought me, was worth the panic.  It made me realize how blessed I am to have a sister...and still have one today.

      "Hi bloggers, I'm Tori.  See you late, bye! (blows a kiss)"

"I love you, Alex"


Alexandra is the author and photographer at Visually Alex.  She enjoys capturing the art and beauty in everyday life with her camera.  The whimsical thoughts she has, lead to her crazy imagination.    
A couple of her ultimate hobbies in life are playing volleyball, and dancing ballet.  She strives to please the Lord with everything she does, in every way she can.


What is Happiness? (Guest Post)


I looked it up in the dictionary (which is something I rarely do with a word - so you should be proud of me), and evidently there are three separate definitions for "happiness". The first is Good-fortune, then Pleasurable satisfaction, and finally A state of well-being and contentment.

When I think of happiness - all three "types" rolled into one - the one of the first things that comes to mind is a memory from the last day of school before this past summer.  We had just finished all of our work for the year. My family and I were going out to dinner after my violin recital - a huge weight off of my shoulders.  All of us were laughing, joyful, so happy to be together.  And then, my mom and dad put the cherry on top of our perfect evening - they told us that Mom was expecting our fifth sibling the following February. 

This came as a huge surprise and blessing that we weren't at all expecting.  It seemed that it was God's will for us to have another baby, and we felt so honored.

But it wasn't to be.  It was the Lord's will that we have a fifth child in the family, but not one whom we would meet on earth.  He took Baby E, as I affectionately named our little sibling, up to Heaven in mid-July.  {I posted about it here, and again here, if you're interested.}

This was difficult.  So, so difficult.  I tried to look and think of it in an uplifting sense, but occasionally it was hard to do so. God had taken away something that was important to me.  It was hard to find happiness.   Everything was so far from "fortunate" or "satisfactory."

And yet...I somehow still felt a strange sence of joy.  Deep down, I felt God's love in my heart.  I felt Him telling me that it was okay, that He had a plan, that everything was under HIS control.  And I felt content.  I felt that "state of well-being" from the dictionary.  I felt happy.

In any circumstance, you can find happiness.  Somewhere.  It may not be pleasurable, you may not be feeling fortunate, but you can always find joy.  God's joy.  The beautiful, contenting happiness of His Love.


Hey, I'm Hannah...a daughter, sister, friend, homeschooler, photographer, blogger, dancer, and princess of Christ. I am constantly finding beauty in the mundane (and the not-so-mundane) and capturing it with my camera.  I'd be blessed if you visited and got to know me - I blog at Hannah's Hangout - The Writings of a Christian Girl as well as at my photography bog, Clicked and Captured.


Just Do It

The play is entitled "Just Do It" (not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Nike)

The scene opens on a college campus - looking like this:

Enter me: Melody, a shy person by nature. I like to remain quiet and be the one in the background watching people. In recent years I've gotten better with being outgoing, but it still isn't my natural inclination.

Enter college, a daunting, life changing experience.

Let's see how Me and College will interact. Well... for the first couple of days I don't believe we liked each other. We tolerated each other mostly, me feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and yet excited. College feeling... well I can't be totally sure on that one. ;)

But after the first couple of days, my relationship with college began to change me. Or rather - God began to change a lot of things in me because of college. One big thing is in this area of shyness.

I've come up with a new motto for college life. Unfortunately, it's already copyrighted, but I can still use it for personal use, right?
Just do it.
When I know I should introduce myself to someone... just do it.
When I'm walking to classes, head down, and I know I should be smiling and saying hi to people... just do it.
When I'm not sure about classes but don't want to raise my hand and ask... just do it.
When I have to go eat by myself... just do it, and know that the Lord will provide.
When I'm scared I'll look stupid or like I don't know what I'm doing in front of others... just do it, and remember God's opinion is the only one that matters.

I've found that when I just do these things, God always follows through and provides in a new way for me. It has caused me to trust and praise Him so much more than I would have had I not stepped out of my comfort zone.

And guess what? College isn't the huge, scary thing I thought it was! I'm beginning to feel at ease, and perhaps even at home. I love all of the classes I'm taking (seriously - I look forward to each one!), and the professors are amazing (funny, engaging, serious about God's word and how it relates to music). I've met a number of nice girls and guys so far (though no awesome friendships yet - but I know those don't happen overnight).

This is only Act One of the play entitled Just Do It. I would appreciate your prayers as Act Two unfolds before my eyes.

Tune in next time to hear more about...
Piano Pedagogy (my major... and other music-related things)


Cherishing the Sacred (Guest Post)

Those who excel at the art of sacred living know how to savor the romance of life, the beautiful joy and simplicity of knowing Him and walking in His presence. ~Leslie Ludy

Flicking off the lights, I breathed a sigh of relief. The long, busy day was finally over. Exhausted, I collapsed on to my bed. Bowing my head quickly, I started to pray. Dear God… I paused. Stunned, I realised that that was the first time I had talked to God all day. In fact, I’d skipped devotion that morning, too. And…did I even say a word to my brother the whole day? I couldn’t remember. A wave of bitter disappointment and regret washed over me. Had I allowed a whole day to be consumed with the “urgent” things, entirely crowding out the things that really mattered?

That night I was brought to a realization. My life was centered on pursuing short-term goals and temporary pleasures. While I was never short of things to do, I never felt peace and fulfillment. I was constantly on social networking sites and chatting with friends, yet instead of growing in my relationships, I felt emptiness inside. Though I professed to know Christ, our relationship was suffering through the lack of time I spent with Him. I had exchanged the eternal for the frenzy of the culture. Everything in my life had been reduced to something shallow and worldly.

Christ set us apart through His own blood so we could be His. God says in His Word that we are His holy temple, a sacred sanctuary of purity. I had profaned His temple with so many other things that fought for my attention. Gently, but firmly, He is taking me through a process of purging everything that stands in the way of intimacy with Him. Jesus is now the centre of my life, and I'm beginning to learn about the sacredness of life. Every moment is precious and an opportunity to worship Him. My inner life is valuable to the Lover of my soul, and He cherishes my heart.

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. – Psalm 16:11

I have sought my own pleasure because I believed the lie that Satan whispered to me. Jesus Christ is not enough. He can’t satisfy your deepest longings and dreams. But God has promised that there is fullness of joy in His presence and pleasures forevermore at His right hand. And I have tasted enough of this sweet satisfaction and indescribable joy to know that Jesus is enough for me forever.

I will awake each morning in joy
Ready and willing to place everything
On the alter before Him
With an expectant heart
I will look to my Lord for guidance and peace and strength
Throughout the day
I will love what He loves
And hate what He hates
I will fall asleep in His arms
Listening to the gentle, loving song
He sings over me.

Annie is an Australian girl who writes at Forever Love and Scream the Truth E-Zine. Her name means "grace and favour", and her identity is the daughter of the King of kings, the forever beloved of my Heavenly Bridegroom Jesus Christ. She finds unfathomable joy, peace and fulfilment in His presence daily. She is passionate about His truth, and the grace heals and transforms her life. Her prayer is that her life may be a testimony of Him for His glory.


More Perfect Than We Can Imagine...

Guest post - Cassie

A year and half ago, in February of 2009, my family decided that the LORD was calling us to adopt an older girl from China and we were all amazingly excited.

After a few weeks everything was going the way it was supposed to be going. We had "found" and be officially matched with a beautiful 13-year-old girl whom we lovingly named 'Christy'.

We seemed to constantly be doing paperwork, going to embassy, praying, or just playing the waiting game which I'm sure that we all know too well. But all the work and wait seemed worth it. Soon Christy was going to be part of our family and we were all excited to bring her home and welcome her into our life.

Then all of our dreams and hopes were shattered. In June of 2009 we received word that a family member had come forward to claim our Christy and we would no longer be permitted to adopt her. I remember all too well the feelings of pain, despair, and helplessness that I felt.

I wrote in my diary:
"I feel like a piece of my heart has been torn out and it been locked away in China."
I cried constantly. I know that this sounds extreme, but, in my heart, Christy was already my sister and I felt as if someone had just taken my sister away from me and I hadn't even had the chance to get to know her yet.

Finally, I decided that enough was enough. I could not allow myself to dwell in my sadness and in my self-pity. I opened my journal and wrote a pretend letter to Christy, just expressing all of my emotion. And then I spent some time in prayer. After that, the LORD began to replace my pain with His perfect peace.

Time passed. Our family still felt like God was calling us to adopt. Even though He had closed the door with Christy, we felt like He had left it ajar just enough to let us know that He wasn't finished leading us to China yet.

Daddy began to put pictures up around the house. Pictures of 12-year-old girls in China, all of whom were without a home or family to call their own. We talked about them all but none of them felt right. Mom and I even said that the pain of losing Christy was still too fresh. None of the other girls felt "right". We wanted to wait.

God had His own plans however because, while Mom was deleting masses of adoption e-mails from her inbox, He allowed one to sneak through. One that told the story of an 12-year-old girl named Yuanyuan. Born blind and an orphan her whole life, Yuanyuan (Her English name is Theresa) had begged and American couple to tell people in America about her so that she could one day have a family. After reading the email, Mom and I looked at each other. "That's my sister." I said.

It's been a year since then and we have constantly been astounded at how incredible God's timing is and how He has been so obviously guiding this adoption with His hand. I could share story after story of how He has worked in our lives through this whole experience... but His love and grace overwhelm me.

I love Theresa more than words can say. She is my sister. I'm in no place to say that she is a more perfect fit for our family than Christy would have been, but God told us. All too clearly. If our adoption with Christy hadn't fallen through, we never would have found Theresa and Mom and Dad wouldn't be in China right now picking her up. She wouldn't be coming home on September 4th. Wow. God is good.

Through the pain of loss and blossoming of a new and better chapter, I have learned to trust God more fully and completely than I ever had before. I have never felt closer to my Father in Heaven than now and I look forward to great anticipation to seeing how this adoption story with end... and how the story of our new life- with a new sister named Theresa- will begin....

(Above are two pictures of Theresa, taken by my parents. Currently they are in China and will be coming home on September 4. I am wildly excited.)

 About the author... 

Cassandra- or 'Cassie' as she is better known- is a 15-year-old girl, set-apart by Jesus Christ who saved her from the bondage of her sin. She loves words, pictures, family, friends, laughing, and life. Read her blog, 'Inside My Mind' and visit her complete profile to learn more about her and visit the adoption section of her blog to read in more detail how the LORD has brought Theresa home to her forever family in America.



I've got too many feelings mixed up in my mind. I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed, numb, responsible, sad, hopeful, teary-eyed, peaceful, joyful, and scared all at once.

But you know what's the most prevalant and powerful feeling? Peace.

I'm leaving for Cedarville tomorrow - yet through all the packing, all the last-minute preparation and worry, I have this overwhelming sense of peace.


This week I said goodbye to two of my closest friends and sisters in the Lord. Yet even though we were sad at the pain of separation, we know that God does have His hands on our lives. And He's got an even greater and more blessed plan for each of us than we can even imagine!

I know the road ahead is going to be tough, challenging, rocky, and overwhelming at times. But I also know it will be exciting, joyful, fulfilling, and blessed beyond belief. For who is my guide, but the Lord Almighty?

"God's got His hand on you so
Don't live life in fear
Forgive and forget,
But don't forget why you're here."
~Sidewalk Prophets The Words I Would Say


I'm Pressing On (Guest Post)

Moving on.

Whatever the situation, it's one of the hardest things we must do. Friendships...ideas...dreams...our memories are steeped in the past while we forget about our lives in the present.

As of last November, I'd moved three times in the past year and a half. With my first move, I missed my old friends desperately and would have given anything to "go back home." And each time I visited my friends and family where I used to live, I got a little more distant, a little more detached--sometimes without my knowing it.

One year ago, all I wanted was to move back to where I used to live. I remember mistakenly wishing that I had never moved to the Midwest.

But I wouldn't trade anything in the whole world for the one year I spent out there. Not another year back in my old home, another year with my old friends, another year anywhere else. Because in each place I've been, God has given me friends and experiences that in my mind are worth far more than any worldly possession.

At the same time, He was slowly prying me apart from my old friends. I think of friendships that were, friendships that used to be so strong, and I want to cry because the girls are so different now, it's like I don't know them. And a part of my mind thinks, If I hadn't moved, if I had stayed here, maybe we would still be friends...I wouldn't have missed out all the things they did together, without me...

Yes, that's true. I'd have an entire year of memories with them, in my old home.

And an entire year in the Midwest wouldn't be in my memory. Those friends, the girls I became so close with, I wouldn't even know. The family vacations, the sleepovers, the youth group meetings, the freezing cold winter (well, that I'm not missing too much), the volleyball practices, the laughter. Something would be missing, a really big something, a huge part of my life.

It take me a long time to realize that that part of my life lives in my memory, but it's not who I am anymore. I love that part of my life... but I can't get it back. Rather, God has put me where I am for a reason.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

You're where you are now because God has planted you there. Yes, maybe you're missing your friends, your old home, your church. But would God have put you there if he didn't have a plan? Would he do anything without a plan? Is missing someone, or something, any reason to not live life fully? (which is something I struggle with hugely, so don't feel alone.)

At times I still regret my leaving. Old friends have grown close to each other while I've grown farther. But, my sisters in Christ, some of the best advice I can offer you, if you have similiar thoughts--move on! Yes, it's difficult, and I know from having done it myself. But there are friends, memories, places to go and things to see where you are right now, and if you sit back in the past and wish for what's gone, you'll miss it on the life God has given you.

Somewhere back there I left my worries all behind
My problems fell out of the back of my mind

We're g
oing and I'm never knowing where we're going
To go back to where I was would just be wrong

I'm pressing on!
--I'm Pressing On by Relient K

Pressing on doesn't mean you have to forget your past. Keep your memories in your heart and don't let go of them...just don't let them blind you to the blessings and friends Jesus is placing in your life right now.

There's something else I've realized only recently--I don't want to go back. Even if I could, I wouldn't. I'm here now with amazing friends and fantastic oppurtunities, and wherever I am, life has to be lived!

So, my sisters, live it. Wherever you are, whatever the situation, whoever and wherever you're missing, live out your life fully for Jesus--with no regrets!

About the author:

My name is Caroline, and with my pen, camera, and Jesus, I intend to live every day to its fullest and honor God through the song that is my life. I have a passion for writing and stories, paired with a huge imagination. Thick novels, rosebuds, the ocean, summertime, raindrops, epic music, and fairytales are just a few of my favorite things. I blog over at A Writer's Life For Me. Thanks for reading, and God bless!


Learning to Live (Guest Post)

“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” —Ivan Panin

A little girl is on her knees by her bed. It was pitch dark around her, she is scared, but she won't get off her knees. She grips her hands together, as if trying to will herself to be brave by the pain she feels in her hands and her heart.

She bites her lower lip, fear is welling up inside her. It’s so very dark and…she tries switching off her imagination. Right now is not the time to think about monsters under the bed. She has to do this…she has to.

She clinched her eyes shut, rubbing her hands a little bit and blocking out the idea of hands reaching out from under the bed for her. And then she prays and she forgets all about monsters and darkness.

“God, please, I just want one friend. One friend, that’s all I’m asking. Please. I just want someone to love me. I want someone to talk to. I want someone to listen to me when I’m hurting. I’ll give up anything, God. I’ll be anything, I’ll do anything You want me to…Could it be that hard just to give me one friend? In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

The little girl dives into bed, covering up with the blankets and thinking miserably about how lonely she feels…in a few moments, she rolls over and falls asleep…


That was me, a few years ago. And that didn’t happen just one night, it happened multiple nights. I was a little girl crying out to God for my greatest wish—a best friend. And God didn’t answer my prayer right away. Actually it was two or three years later after I prayed and prayed for a friend that God actually gave me one. At the time God finally blessed me with my best friend, I actually had stopped praying for one because I thought God didn’t want me to have one. I had mistaken God’s “Wait” for “No.”

Patience isn’t my virtue. If I lack anything it probably is patience. I want "Yes" or "No" answers. Telling me to wait is like asking me to go crazy. I live my life flying—I don't have "time" to wait. I’m running around, helping everyone, being everywhere, being everything, and I forget sometimes God just wants me to stand still and wait.

I know you seem to get behind on everything when you step out of the fast lane for a moment. It seems like you feel obsolete, outdated, no longer in the “know”. But sometimes we need to step out of the fast lane. We need to slow down and live.

Because if you didn’t slow down…

…You wouldn’t have seen that butterfly.
…You wouldn’t have felt that raindrop.
…You wouldn’t have said that prayer.
…You wouldn’t have seen that flower.
…You wouldn’t have felt that hand holding yours.
…You wouldn’t have seen that smile.
…You wouldn’t have written that note.
…You wouldn’t have known that love.

I want to fly and soar through life…but I also want to stand still and wait for God’s perfect plan. I have to learn patience…I have to learn to live.

I had given up on a friend…But God hadn’t given up on me.

It’s like what Ivan Panin says. There is beauty, truth, and love to find, we just have to be ready and waiting…and looking.

Awel Prince is the author of Shilah and the aspiring designer of blogs at Inspiré Designs Studio. She has a passion for knowing more of her glorious God and find beauty and meaning in a world satisfied with the mediocre. She is also in the process of writing one of the few true Christain sci-fis while keeping up with friends, family, and life.


College > Blogging

Remember this little guy from grade school:  >

In my math we called him the "Greater-than Gater," who always faces towards the number or group that's the highest.

Well, I have been thinking and praying long and hard about this, and I've realized that I can't equate college and blogging, I can't add or multiply or subtract them. But obviously one of them should take precidence over the other. That one is college.

So this is what I've decided. For at least the first semester of college, I am going to be doing a little less on my blog. Don't worry - I'm not abandoning you or deleting this blog or anything (heaven forbid!), just trying to budget my time wisely. I want to focus on my studies and keep my eyes fixed on Jesus as I begin this new phase of life.

I will post one or two times a week (as my schedule allows) to update you all, but I won't be writing the deeper posts I typically do. Thankfully, I have a number of lovely ladies who've agreed to guest post for me these next couple of weeks to "fill in" for those posts. So you will be seeing a mixture of updates from me, and deeper posts from them. (The ones I've received already are amazing, so be prepared to be encouraged, strengthened, and perhaps even cry.)

I love you guys and really appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement you've already given to me about college. This week is going to be the hardest, as I will be leaving on Friday and still have quite a bit to pack and a number of friends to say goodbye to... so I covet your continued prayers.
Thank-you all so very much!


Truly Blessed

I thank you all so very much for praying for the recording of my CD on Tuesday. The whole day was filled with blessings beyond compare - from the start to the end of the recording session.

Even though at times it got to 87 degrees in the sanctuary (because we couldn't have the A.C. running while recording), God saw us through. Even when we got tired, or frustrated with the squeaky pedal on the piano or our own performance, He strengthened us and helped us be patient and calm. I could tell from the moment we prayed together at the beginning that God had His hand upon the endeavor.

The awesome violinist and singer

Yes, the recording is "less than professional quality" (because it was done in my small church, with the best equipment we had), and I know there are minor mistakes (which only I would catch) in many of the songs. But I also know I serve a great God, who is able to take whatever I create and use it. And I pray that He will multiply my small loves and two fish into enough to feed thousands.
For nothing is impossible with God. ~Luke 1:37

Me - pianist, composer, and background vocals

Here is an excerpt of the prayer I wrote in my journal the day after the recording:

Lord, I praise You, for You alone are good and righteous and there is none other like You. My life's goal is to worship You, and this CD is only just a part of that. 

Thank-you for bringing this dream together - for giving me the talent and the inspiration to write these songs, blessing me with such willing, helpful people to perform and record them, and providing the right equipment and knowledge. You knew how this all was going to happen even when it was just a dream of mine - a castle in the sky. Thank-you, Lord, for working all these things out for Your glory. 

So I ask you - would you join me in continuing to pray for the CD as I prepare it for selling? I know God can and will use this for His glory, if I commit it to Him.


Today's the Day!

Today is the day for the recording of my CD!

I'd like to ask you to pray over this endeavor - for strength and patience for me, for harmony between me and the other musicians, for the sound to be captured as well as it can, and for God's love and my thankfulness to Him to shine through the songs. I want this to be for His glory, not for mine. He alone deserves all the praise for my talent - I'm only giving back to Him what He has given to me.

Soli Deo Gloria!


What Would My Life Look Like?

Those of you who have done NaNoWriMo will know that winners get a coupon to "publish" a free proof copy of their book with CreateSpace. I have been editing the book I wrote for NaNoWriMo last November, but as it came up to the cut-off time for the offer (June 30th), I realized I was not going to get it all finished by that time. I cast around for another thing to publish, and then I thought of my poetry!
A few days (and late nights) later, I came up with this:

When it was shipped to my house a few weeks ago, I could not stop grinning. Seriously, I was so excited! The book looked much more professional than I had expected, and it was just so cool to hold a book of my own poetry in my hands!

This is only a proof copy, and I'm not planning on selling it or anything (at least not now). But it is still really cool to have something so professional-looking to lend to my friends and have on my bookshelf!

In honor of this grand occasion, I thought I would share another poem with you all. This one is very dear to my heart, and is truly my heart's desire:

What Would My Life Look Like?

What would my life look like
If I humbly obeyed God’s will,
Walking in His light
And listening to His guidance?

What would my life look like
If I refused to judge those I meet,
Instead, looking at them in the light of God’s love,
And treating them with kindness?

What would my life look like
If I used my gifts to build up the church,
Became an encourager, a supporter and server,
Doing all for Christ?

What would my life look like
If I radically changed my lifestyle
So I would always put others first
Instead of myself?

What would my life look like
If I discarded all idols and distractions,
And became so fully in tune with God
That He never left my thoughts?

What would my life look like
If I abandoned myself to furthering the gospel
Unashamedly taking every opportunity to tell the truth
Because it is my highest goal?

What would my life look like
If I was willing to stand up for Christ
Speak the truth to those who need it
Even if it meant death?

For I know that death with Christ is life evermore.
Copyright Melody 2008


Something I've Been Neglecting

Remember this? An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook?
I just checked, and the last time I did it was in May. Somehow summer slipped by without me remembering about my daybook! But I have decided to start it up again, possibly every other week on Saturday or Sunday. :)

But before I begin, I would like to direct your attention to two things:

1. I wrote another guest post today for Elizabeth Rose at Living on Literary Lane. It's called, When You Need a Little Humbling... I would love if you went over there and read it. :)

2. I have a friend in real life who started a blog not too long ago called My Musings and Other Profound (or not) Thoughts. She would be greatly encouraged if y'all went over there and checked her blog out!

Okay, now on to the daybook:
Find out how to do An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook here

Today the number one question I was asked by people at church was: "Are you all packed yet for college?" :P
I'm feeling contemplative from playing piano, and also a little stressed out from too much multitasking.
My outfit is a turquoise tee and light-colored shorts.
Outside my window it's overcast and dreary... the type of day where mosquitoes are having a party and everyone else wants to stay inside. ;)
A song that's stuck in my head is "Shine on Us" by Michael W. Smith, which I played an arrangement of for the offertory at church.
Something (a book, song, movie, person...) that's inspired me recently: the amazing, humbling love of my family and friends as I'm preparing for college.
A prayer of my heart this week is to trust in God for everything - knowing He has my life in His hands.
I am creating a CD of my compositions, which I'm trying to complete in the next couple of weeks before I go to college. (AAHHH!!)
I am reading Passion & Purity (yes, still), Start Here (almost finished), and I'm hopefully gonna start one of the many fiction books that have been on my shelves just waiting for me to read them!
I am thinking about all the different things I'm multitasking on at the moment - mainly just how I can use the rest of my day most productively.
A scripture verse or passage that's stuck out to me this week: 1 Peter 1:8-9 "Though you have not seen him [Christ], you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls."
A spiritual lesson I'm learning is to trust God with ALL aspects of my life. Each new worry, new fear about college I'm having to lift up to God
An attribute of God I've seen this week is Father. He loves me like a child, and cares very much about all the details of my life that could easily seem insignificant. And unlike my earthly father, who cannot be with me everywhere I go, my God will be with me, even at college.
A picture I’d like to share: This is the picture I'm thinking of going with for the cover of my CD. What do you all think?

A creative goal for next week well... there are a few compositions I have left to work on and get totally complete. A couple of which I have to work out with the violinist. So my creative goal would be to get all my songs for the CD finalized and ready to record!
Did I complete my goal from last week hehe well... it's been a few months. ;) 

I hope you all are having a great Sunday! :D

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