What is Happiness? (Guest Post)


I looked it up in the dictionary (which is something I rarely do with a word - so you should be proud of me), and evidently there are three separate definitions for "happiness". The first is Good-fortune, then Pleasurable satisfaction, and finally A state of well-being and contentment.

When I think of happiness - all three "types" rolled into one - the one of the first things that comes to mind is a memory from the last day of school before this past summer.  We had just finished all of our work for the year. My family and I were going out to dinner after my violin recital - a huge weight off of my shoulders.  All of us were laughing, joyful, so happy to be together.  And then, my mom and dad put the cherry on top of our perfect evening - they told us that Mom was expecting our fifth sibling the following February. 

This came as a huge surprise and blessing that we weren't at all expecting.  It seemed that it was God's will for us to have another baby, and we felt so honored.

But it wasn't to be.  It was the Lord's will that we have a fifth child in the family, but not one whom we would meet on earth.  He took Baby E, as I affectionately named our little sibling, up to Heaven in mid-July.  {I posted about it here, and again here, if you're interested.}

This was difficult.  So, so difficult.  I tried to look and think of it in an uplifting sense, but occasionally it was hard to do so. God had taken away something that was important to me.  It was hard to find happiness.   Everything was so far from "fortunate" or "satisfactory."

And yet...I somehow still felt a strange sence of joy.  Deep down, I felt God's love in my heart.  I felt Him telling me that it was okay, that He had a plan, that everything was under HIS control.  And I felt content.  I felt that "state of well-being" from the dictionary.  I felt happy.

In any circumstance, you can find happiness.  Somewhere.  It may not be pleasurable, you may not be feeling fortunate, but you can always find joy.  God's joy.  The beautiful, contenting happiness of His Love.


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Anonymous said... {Reply}

I am so sorry that you lost "Baby E", Hannah! But God always works for our good, and it's awesome that you have learnt to be content through difficult cicumstances :)


Hannah said... {Reply}


Thank you, dear! I appreciate it:)


Elizabeth Rose said... {Reply}

This was very beautiful, Hannah! Happiness does not depend on your surroundings or circumstances, as so many like to think. Rather, it has to do with your heart--being willing to find happiness or joy in EVERYTHING.

Lovely post, girl!

In Christ,
Elizabeth Rose


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