Just Do It

The play is entitled "Just Do It" (not endorsed or affiliated in any way with Nike)

The scene opens on a college campus - looking like this:

Enter me: Melody, a shy person by nature. I like to remain quiet and be the one in the background watching people. In recent years I've gotten better with being outgoing, but it still isn't my natural inclination.

Enter college, a daunting, life changing experience.

Let's see how Me and College will interact. Well... for the first couple of days I don't believe we liked each other. We tolerated each other mostly, me feeling sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and yet excited. College feeling... well I can't be totally sure on that one. ;)

But after the first couple of days, my relationship with college began to change me. Or rather - God began to change a lot of things in me because of college. One big thing is in this area of shyness.

I've come up with a new motto for college life. Unfortunately, it's already copyrighted, but I can still use it for personal use, right?
Just do it.
When I know I should introduce myself to someone... just do it.
When I'm walking to classes, head down, and I know I should be smiling and saying hi to people... just do it.
When I'm not sure about classes but don't want to raise my hand and ask... just do it.
When I have to go eat by myself... just do it, and know that the Lord will provide.
When I'm scared I'll look stupid or like I don't know what I'm doing in front of others... just do it, and remember God's opinion is the only one that matters.

I've found that when I just do these things, God always follows through and provides in a new way for me. It has caused me to trust and praise Him so much more than I would have had I not stepped out of my comfort zone.

And guess what? College isn't the huge, scary thing I thought it was! I'm beginning to feel at ease, and perhaps even at home. I love all of the classes I'm taking (seriously - I look forward to each one!), and the professors are amazing (funny, engaging, serious about God's word and how it relates to music). I've met a number of nice girls and guys so far (though no awesome friendships yet - but I know those don't happen overnight).

This is only Act One of the play entitled Just Do It. I would appreciate your prayers as Act Two unfolds before my eyes.

Tune in next time to hear more about...
Piano Pedagogy (my major... and other music-related things)

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Hannah said... {Reply}

So wonderful, Melody! I don't always like to speak up, because I'm afraid that people will think what I say is stupid or different, so I keep quiet. I might have to use the Just Do it more often! :-)

Love, <3

Lindsay said... {Reply}

What a great post, Melody! That's a wonderful motto. ;) I'm so glad you're settling into college! I'll be praying for you... :)

~ Love,
Lindsay <3

Anonymous said... {Reply}

That's awesome, Melody! I'm so glad you're settling into college :) Your college campus looks beautiful. I tend to be a shy person, too, and I think I'll try to "just do it" as well!

In Christ,

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Great post, Melody! I'm glad you can see that there are no giants in the land of college life. And that you are finding ways to "just do it"! May the Lord's presence be your comfort as you continue to settle in.

~Someone who loves her little sunshine wrote this :-)

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I can so totally relate, Melody! I would be scared a college, too. I mean, you're suddenly "all alone", no friends yet..it's scray. ;) I'm glad you've found your bravery!
At least you know you can't do this alone and that you need God's help! :) Love you!

Awel P.

Kaley Grace said... {Reply}

Mmm, thanks for sharing, Melody! I definitely indentify with you! I so very much want to do "Just do it"...life is so short, and we shouldn't waste any oppurtunites!!

Praising Him,

Hannah said... {Reply}

Wonderful post, Melody! I completely know what you mean - I need to take the "just do it" stance more often, as well.

Also, wanted to apologize for my delay in getting my guest post up. It's been kinda crazy here this week, and I'm currently under the weather. I will shoot for having it completely ready for you by tomorrow. Once again, I'm terribly sorry, dear!

Love and Blessings,

Lady Blanche Rose said... {Reply}

Oh my gosh! This is exactly what I've been going through lately too, and the conclusion I finally came to also! :D I haven't started college (although I might start taking a few classes next semester), but I recently started working at a restaurant. Yes, life is far too short to constantly second-guess yourself, and indeed...who cares what people think? And besides, the people I find myself liking the best are the confident ones who aren't afraid to just be themselves.


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