A Blessing (Guest Post)

When I was merely 6 or 7 years old, I wanted something... badly.  Remarkably, it wasn't a new barbie, or a playhouse set with a load of toys.  Not even some cute outfits for my numerous dolls.  What I wanted was out of the ordinary in any little girls' dreams.

My desire was simply a loyal human-being, with whom I could walk hand-in-hand as we stroll through our path, leading to Christ.  Someone who I could play with, and trust so I'm positive that none of my (silly) secrets would be spilled.  A family member that will over-look the feuds we gets ourselves into, and give me endless love and vice versa.--no matter what happens.

I just wanted a sister.

Whenever I spotted a fountain, I asked my mom for a coin to throw in, and make a wish.  I still remember fragments of the times I would hold that penny up to my squinting face, and wish extra hard for a sister someday.  At night, as soon as my eye caught the first star, twinkle against the mid-night blue sky, I rehearsed the "Star Light, Star Bright" jingle.  In between all the wishing opportunities I received, I prayed and prayed and prayed.

About four years ago, my mom told me the exciting news...oh, how excited I was!  I was totally overjoyed and ecstatic; I just couldn't believe it.  I think the setting was actually in my elementary school parking lot, as my mom picked me up from an after-school program (therefore, there weren't that many people around).  So unexpected!

On April 26th, 2007 I became a big sister.  It was surely one of the best days of my life, and it's all thanks to God.  He was the almighty who had answered all of my prayers (etc.) and I am immensely grateful to have the extraordinary blessing that was given to me...by Him.  I now have a soul-mate, a soul-sister.  Nothing can replace Tori (which is my little sisters name--short for Victoria), nothing at all.  Although we look nothing alike, we're a part of each other.

Despite the fact that we're about 9 years apart, I can see God through her actions; because like Him, she is always there for me when I need her, and most of the times (when she's not cranky in the morning before her milk) always wants me with her.  This is definitely true because sometimes when I'm due for chores, she quickly clings onto my leg, and yells, "No Alex, don't go!  I love you."   She also might through in "you're my sister, you're my best friend" as an excuse for me not to leave because Tori already knows my weakness.  I can't help her cuteness...because honestly, no one could really help but smile back at my sisters' pleading face.

Tori proudly defends me, and encourages me when I struggle to accomplish a task whenever possible.  She also tries to comfort me when she'll rarely see me crying in worry or sadness...otherwise, she'll cry with me.  When it comes to that point, it almost seems like she's forcing me to stop.  Another sign that God is assuring me everything will fall into place, and that it'll be alright.  I never like to see her cry.

Just last week I had a nightmare about loosing my sister.  I vaguely remember that she had a strange disease of some-sort and was going to pass away soon.  That night, I was sleeping in my parents bed (my dad was working) and when I woke up, frantically sweating with my eyes popped open, I turned to Tori and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.  I believe that God makes everything happen for a reason, and the nightmare he brought me, was worth the panic.  It made me realize how blessed I am to have a sister...and still have one today.

      "Hi bloggers, I'm Tori.  See you late, bye! (blows a kiss)"

"I love you, Alex"


Alexandra is the author and photographer at Visually Alex.  She enjoys capturing the art and beauty in everyday life with her camera.  The whimsical thoughts she has, lead to her crazy imagination.    
A couple of her ultimate hobbies in life are playing volleyball, and dancing ballet.  She strives to please the Lord with everything she does, in every way she can.

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