You Know You're a Music Major if...

In my escapades as a music major, I've come across a number of funny situations that seem to be typical of music majors (at least here at Cedarville). Most of them are quite funny - so I thought I would give you a sampling. ;)

You know you're a music major

...If you compare Beethoven to cheesecake (and Chopin to chocolate!).

...If, in a fire drill, the first thing you grab is your music books and your metronome... not your coat or some other more "useful" thing.

...When you hear people talking about "the cadential six-four", and you know what they're talking about.

...If you dread facing "Pat the Perturbed Primate" and his evil laugh when you are late to theory.

...When you find that you can't listen to Classical music while studying (or doing anything) - it's too distracting! 

...If you listen for the chord progression in songs and predict what the next chord will be.

...If the only song that can consistently get stuck in your head is the polka-dot song  - and people look at you oddly as you sing numbers under your breath. (This one is for you aural skills people!)

...If you would be willing to walk through a blizzard to get to a recital, but not to dinner.

...If most of your day is spent either in a practice room or the music lounge.

Yep, that's us music majors! :)

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