Sometimes life can feel like this:

Falling, swirling... that feeling of panic and overwhelming fear as your feet get swept out from under you and there's nothing to hold on to... just falling, falling, falling, with everything tumbling down about your head.

It was like that for me the beginning of this week. What with finals coming up, juries to prepare for, papers to write, schedules, gifts, meals, and packing to figure out, life felt like it had just given way beneath me. (Or as one of our chapel speakers said, like a whale exploded.)

But then, something shifted.

It wasn't necessarily that life changed (though some things did get worked out), but that my perspective changed.

I had forgotten what was at the bottom: 

The Almighty and Steadfast hands of God.

Do you ever feel this way - where things tumble down about you with no seeming end in sight?

Even though life might feel like it's in free fall, God is there at the bottom, with his hands cupped, just waiting to catch you and prove once more to you His faithfulness and care.

So instead of being dropped off a cliff, we as Christians have this unshaken assurance that the craziness of our trials and troubles (and life in general) are all held in God's hands. Though it may seem like we can't see how we'll ever be rescued from this terrifying descent, He already has us covered. We'll never completely cave in if we rest in the assurance of His unfailing love. 

That makes life in the midst of craziness seem a lot more manageable.

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