Three Things

Number One:

Some of you may know my friend "Robin" from her guest post on my blog. Well, she has now officially entered the blog world as Edith, with her own photography blog titled "Observatory of the Quotidian."I highly recommend that you check it out - her photos are beautiful, her words are well-crafted, and she tells a story like no one else. 

The Observatory

Number Two:

It is of utmost importance that I direct your attention to this post. On it, you will find the most hilarious photos of yours truly, which in my opinion are not something you want to miss. ;)

Number Three:

I would like to have some new "blogolutions" for this year, and I would like your feedback! (This is what I wrote for them last year.) What about my blog would you like to see more of? Any suggestions for new things you'd like me to post about?

I hope you all are having a blessed Christmastime. May God richly bless you with His love and peace in this beautiful season.

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