My Quoteable Family

I'm back home for Christmas, and realizing just how much I've missed my family. They're funny, witty, silly, crazy, sweet, kind, loving, and just all-around wonderful. It's hard to imagine how I've spent about three months of this year apart from them.

With all of this fun and humor come many quotes. I'm the type who loves to capture things - make sure that whatever is said, seen, or heard is recorded in some way. So whenever someone says something funny, I love to write it down!

Here is just a small sampling of them so that you get a glimpse of the fantastic fun we have:
"God is the ultimate multitasker." (said by an unknown member of my family)

"Joy is a melody fashioned from sorrow." (said by a good friend)

My brother: "If the most something can do is nothing, then that something is worth nothing. If the least something can do is something, then it is worth something." (try wrapping your brain around that one!)

My brother (on my insistence in writing down everything funny that came out of his mouth): "The dreaded pen to paper... don't write that down!"

Mom: "I think I need more sleep than the average bear."
My brother: "Well, the average bear sleeps all winter!"

I've decided that each week I'm going to post either a quote (by myself, someone I know, or someone famous [or all three XD]), or a thought. I have a lot of small things I think of that don't work well to turn into larger posts, and so this shall be a good way to express them.

I hope you all are having a fun time with your family as well, if you are with them. What are some funny things you've said?

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