An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook #2

Well, it's Saturday again, so here is my second entry of An Inspired Young Woman's Daybook. Click here to see the first one.

Oh, and by the way, a couple nights ago I had a dream where I met all of you bloggers who I've become friends with. It was really cool! I'd love to actually do that in real life. :)

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Today I helped my dad paint our hallway
I'm feeling motivated (though slightly overwhelmed)
My outfit is jeans and a blue shirt under a brown sweater
Outside my window are huge icicles dripping down to the snow-covered ground.
A song that's stuck in my head "The Call" by Regina Spector - and also "Pizza Angel" (VeggieTales) lol!
Something (a book, song, movie, person...) that's inspired me recently is the Olympics - it's amazing how they can be so driven, and so good at what they do!
A prayer of my heart this week is that I would focus less on me, and more on Christ.
I am creating a short story which is an allegory of the salvation story. It is called "Redeemer."
I am reading all the same books as last week, plus a few more. (Hopefully I'll finish at least one of them soon!)
I am thinking about the delicious peaches and cream I just ate!
A scripture verse or passage that's stuck out to me this week is Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."
A spiritual lesson I'm learning is to not be a procrastinator (which applies to all areas of my life)
An attribute of God I've seen this week is His love for me in sacrificing His son on the cross for my sins. I know this may seem elementary, but I so often forget what a huge love God has for me!
A picture I’d like to share of the icicles out my window:

A creative goal for next week is to get cracking on my editing for NaNoEdMo!
Did I complete my goal from last week... yowch! nope :/ I'll try to do better this week! :)

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Stephanie said... {Reply}

Wow, you had a dream with all of your blog friends in it? That sounds cool! I LOVE the song Pizza Angel. Sometimes my sister and I will randomly start singing it. =D And that's a lovely picture. I've never seen icicles that big!

Frank said... {Reply}

God is blessing you, Rachel. What a voice of 'fresh air' to read your blog! So many younger women have 'tatoos' and the like on their minds. Some of these folks claim to be Christian; yet they do not know the Word and their pastors are not giving them the guidance they should. Many pastors mix The Word with psychology! Sad!! Perhaps why I do not attend the organized church.
Doreen and I brought our children up in good churches. I have been blessed!
Three aspects of life have favored YOU; tell me if I'm wrong:
-1 You read The Word systematically.
-2 You have been blessed with good pastors.
-3 Your parents have brought you up in solid Biblical churches.
I do not know you, but only surmise from what I have read.
May our sovereign, eternal God who created all things, continue to bless you, Rachel.
Frank Dietzel.

Ivorydancer said... {Reply}

Thanks Melody!

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I love that picture! Beautiful! Thank you for following my blog! I adore meeting fellow Christians! = D
I've had a dream like that a bit ago too! It's so cool! =D
I find myself smiling from it randomly!

Melody said... {Reply}

Stephanie: Yeah, I've been having vivid dreams lately, so it was cool to wake up and think, "Hey, I was dreaming about my blogger friends!" I would so love to meet you all in real life. :)

A Hopeful Romantic: Thanks! Yes, it is so nice to be able to meet other Christians through blogging that I wouldn't meet otherwise!

Mr. Deitzel: Thank you for the encouraging comment! I am very blessed to have been brought up in a Christian home and in a church that is solid in the truth.




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