If you know me at all, you know my favorite color is brown. Not pink or purple or blue or some other normal color - brown. Chocolate brown in fact. So here I'll share with you some pictures I've taken that are brown.

me looking out the window 

Much like LotR... except there is a car :P

 I did some interesting edits on this one.

One of my favorites

And for a bonus, here's a picture of the delicious banana bread I made yesterday!

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rachel said... {Reply}

These are beautiful :-) I love sepia photographs...it just seems to add an extra something...maybe emotion? Very nice :-)

Evergreena said... {Reply}

Oh, I love the epic one! :) Epic.

My favorite colors are green and brown. Together.

Celebrilomiel said... {Reply}

Ooh, they're all so pretty! I, also, think my favorite is the leaves.
I love monochrome photography, and I can't decide whether I like sepia or grayscale best. Looking at your photos certainly swings me in favor of sepia. ;)
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Stephanie said... {Reply}

Wow, those are pretty! I like the one with the leaves the best, and the banana bread looks very delicious! =D

Lexi said... {Reply}

great pictures melody!! that banna bread sure looks yummy!


♣Caroline♣ said... {Reply}

Oooh! I love the leaf one! That's gorgeous! Haha and of course the LoTR one:)

Melody said... {Reply}

Thanks for all your sweet comments! I really do love pictures in sepia (brown :P). They give such a different feel than color.



PS. Thanks Celebrilomiel for the link to your friend's site! I checked it out and her pictures are so gorgeous! :D


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