Paper Heart

I have not been writing much poetry recently, so I thought I would share the poetry of a friend, instead. I found this beautiful, vivid poem at the blog of my good friend, Celebrilomiel. She is an awesome writer - and I think an even better poet! I highly recommend that you check out her blog http://melodyofthemiscellaneous.blogspot.com

The words of this poem drew me in - each one picked so perfectly and crafted so carefully. Savor it slowly:

Paper Heart

Pretty lacy paper
Frail pink heart
Delicate, blushing flower
Spring’s first kiss

Vivid, cheery paper
Bright pink heart
Heavy-scented, open rose
Summer’s warmth

Tattered, dirty paper
Torn pink heart
Bloodied, trampled, fallen rose
Fall’s last breath

Shredded, frozen paper
Dead pink heart
Winter’s icy, fatal touch
Death’s cold kiss
© 2010, Celebrilomiel

Sigh. Don't you love it when something is heartbreaking, yet so beautiful at the same time? 


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