To spread beauty

I've been reading Lynnette Kraft's excellent posts on the reasons for blogging. (I would definitely encourage you to read them - she gives a lot of helpful tips on what makes blogging beneficial for you and your readers.) As I've read them, I'm finding my goal for this blog narrowed and strengthened. I've typically posted thoughts on what God has been teaching me, events in my life (especially musical ones), samples of my writing, and devotional/encouragements. And I believe the thing that ties these all together is one word: beauty.

To me, beauty is more than just something that strikes you as "perfect" or "pleasing." Beauty is more than something external - it is the evidence of God.

The subtitle of my blog says "Painting beauty across the palette of life," and that is exactly what I desire to do with this blog. Sharing the beauty in the everyday, the fictional, the musical, even in the painful. I want to detect and magnify the evidence of Christ that I see everywhere around me. And I hope that in painting beauty through my words, pictures, and music, that you may see it and be encouraged to do the same in your own life.

All that said, I am in need of bloggers to help me continue in spreading beauty throughout this school year. The school year is coming up fast, and with it, sadly, will be a much diminished amount of free time for me. So I would like to recruit at least ten guest posters for the school year.

If you would like to guest post for me, send me an email (find it up at the top right under "contact me"). Let me know what you'd consider writing on, and I'll pick the top ten. Thank you so much, sweet bloggers - and continue spreading beauty!

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