Only the end of the overture

When we die, it's only the end of the overture. ~(said by a good friend of mine)
Have you ever listened to an overture? Sometimes old movies will play them in the beginning, while the credits roll. I believe "The Sound of Music" is that way. Before you even see the movie, you hear strains of "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" "The hills are alive..." "Do re me," and more. An overture pretty much gives you little tastes of each song - just enough for you to recognize them later.

Our lives are like an overture to heaven. Have you ever thought about this? For the Christian, when we die, it's not the end. It's only the end of the tastes we've gotten of heaven. We'll finally be in the real thing.

In our overture, all the melodies God weaves by and through our lives are simply snatches of the eternal song. Even the songs of sorrow, tragic tunes, refrains of remorse - God will transpose them to the major key in heaven. Then we'll see how much beauty He can make from tragedy.

It's a beautiful and comforting way to think of this life, isn't it? Yet these truths only apply to the one who has put their trust in God and is seeking to live by His Spirit and His standards here on earth. God only promises to work all things out for good for those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Is this you? When you die will the God of the Universe transpose the melody of your life into major and weave it in with the eternal song - or will your song continue to be one of sorrow and regret?

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Emii said... {Reply}

Oh oh oh, that is beautiful. I'd never really thought of it like that before. Thanks for posting it, Melody. One day I'll hear the overture of my life. And it will be beautiful because God is beautiful and good and awesome.

Rachel said... {Reply}


just for you. <3

Kendall said... {Reply}

That is a beautiful way of thinking about it! I love the way this made me think. :)

Chloƫ said... {Reply}

Hello! I'm new to your lovely blog. Wow, this post radiates with truth... and you word it so beautifully! Count me in as a follower! :)


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