Summer in a Jar

I wish I could capture summer. Bottle it up, so it would always be with me.

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Don't get me wrong, I love fall & am getting pretty excited about the school year. But there's just something about summer...

Summer embodies freedom.

Summer in a Jar
© Melody 2010

Scoup up some wind,
Mold a mound of brilliant blue sky,
Pour in bird calls, cicada buzzes, and echoing laughter,
Sprinkle on some slurpy juciness, cold creaminess and grilled goodness,
Press together sun-washed grass, refreshing pool water, and a fragrant wildflower meadow,
Shake it all together
Stirring vigorously,
And there you have it.
Summer in a jar.

Do you wish you could keep summer with you always?

3 vivid thoughts:

anna olivia said... {Reply}

How beautiful! I love the poem!

Annie Joy said... {Reply}

Your poem so beautifully captures the essence of summer. I love it!

Memzie said... {Reply}

I wish I could bottle up memories. So, that I could always open them and remember the smells, the sounds, the colors, everything!


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