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Sometimes those who spread the most light struggle the most with darkness.

Sometimes the roughest people turn out to be the softest.

Sometimes those who look like they have it all together are the ones who need the most encouragement.

Sometimes the strongest are only completed by the weak.

Sometimes those who say "You are beautiful," don't believe that about themselves.

Sometimes the prickliest people are the ones who need the most love.

Sometimes those who say they'd rather go it alone simply want someone to hold their hand.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful.

Sometimes sometimes happens most of the time.

4 vivid thoughts:

Eden said... {Reply}

So beautifully written, Melody! I absolutely love this post. Thank you for sharing!

Emii said... {Reply}

You wrote this? How beautiful. Beautiful and true.

Memzie said... {Reply}

Amazing, Melody! It was sweet, deep, thoughtful, and made me think of others that might be feeling this way and what do I need to do about it. Thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts.

Memzie said... {Reply}

By the way, I L-O-V-E that first picture! It speaks volumes.


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