As promised, here is my first droplet. This is something I have really been struggling with even understanding recently:


Somehow I've wrapped up grace in a nice little package,
Tucking away my carefully-preserved knowledge
Of “God’s riches at Christ’s expense”
To be reserved only for witnessing emergencies.

My own life is too perfect for grace
I've managed to do just fine
Making up my own goodness
So that I've even fooled myself.

But the very nature of grace is to not sit still - 
It oozes through my self-made restrictions,
Tears down walls that hide my imperfection,
And bruises my pride by insisting on my unworthiness.

When it finally reduces me to a mess of broken sinfulness,
And I realize just how imperfect was my perfection,
Grace extends its hand to me
And reminds me 
of its name.
(c) Rachel Lowrance 2013

Inspired by Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman. A book I would highly recommend.  

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