I'm embarking on a journey.

I don't know what the end will look like, or even if I'll ever get there. But, I know that my Savior has called me to follow Him down this path. He has been calling me out on a lot of deep things recently, some of which you have heard about on this blog (such as fear). I have been trying to respond to Him as best I can, but it is hard in the daily trudge. Right now it doesn't even seem like I'm even moving forward.

Somehow, it's always easier to see the steps once you've made it to the top of the mountain. Right now the mountain fills my whole sight, where I literally cannot see the end of it.

This is a journey away from many things:


Thankfully, it is also a journey towards many things:


I want to share this story with you as it's unfolding, but so far I've been at a loss as to how. I'm learning more every day that my life is not perfect or clear-cut or even simple. There's a lot of mess and mistakes and sins and forgotten promises that clutter up the journey.

But I know that I need to record this journey so that I can see my progress. And I want to share it with you so that you can hopefully be encouraged. So I am going to try this new thing. I call it Droplets.

Droplets: Collect one drop each day from the story of God saturating my life with faith, love, and grace, washing away fear, guilt, and self-sufficiency. Hopefully the drops will take on the form of poems or reminiscences - but however they come, I'm determined to capture them.
We will see what God will do!

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