A slight violin obsession

Ever since I was very little and heard the sweet strains of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, I've loved the violin. Its beautiful singing sound, the huge range of sounds it can create, how it can tug on my heartstrings so easily... whenever I hear the violin, I sigh with the beauty.

I always had a secret desire to play the violin, but once I started piano, I focused on that solely. I love the piano and am so thankful that I know it, but I always kept the violin tucked in the back of my mind. I told myself that someday I would have an opportunity to pursue it.

Well that someday finally came this summer. 

I have a sweet friend who is excellent at the violin - and I finally convinced her to teach me. And, she let me borrow her violin and beginner books as an added bonus.

It's interesting playing an instrument that I don't know. I've gotten used to playing the piano, where I can conceivably play anything put in front of me. Now I'm playing an instrument I can hardly even hold correctly, much less play something that sounds beautiful.

But - I keep pressing on. Even though only song I've learned so far is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (Or "Little Twinkle Twinkle Star", as we affectionately mis-named it)... I'm still loving it! I think just the fact that I'm actually able to do something I've dreamed about gives me enough excitement to persevere through the beginning stages.

I've been realizing just how much the violin is becoming a part of me. One day I practiced right before bed, and as I brushed my teeth afterward, I found to my surprise that I was holding my toothbrush in the same way as the bow! The same has happened with pencils, stair rails, and many other things. I think that after playing the violin for a while, my two middle fingers will feel continually glued together (you violinists know what I mean). ;)

Hopefully my obsession with the violin will continue even through the school year when I won't have a teacher (at least not the same one!). But for now I'm just so thankful to God that He has given me this opportunity to play an instrument that I've always loved and admired.

Do you have a slight obsession with any instrument (either your own or one you'd like to play someday)? I'd love to hear about it!

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Ellie said... {Reply}

I can play both piano and violin; I'm quite good at piano but not at all advanced at the violin so it's very frustrating. :) I'm dying to learn to play the pipe organ but getting my hands on one of those is pretty much impossible!

Anne said... {Reply}

Oh, the harp....I have yet to hear a harp played (even when someone is really bad at it) when I didn't think it sounded heavenly. Someday I am going to play 'the Swan' with me on the harp AND the cello, I think that would sound amazing.

I have been dabbling on the violin, which sounds like it would be easy since I play cello at an advanced level, but it's actually quite hard. I do know what it SHOULD sound and feel like, but the violin is backwards to the cello - i.e. if you wish to go up the scale, you are actually moving both your arms in the opposite direction to what it would be on the cello. And vibrato...!!! Totally awkward.

There are SO many instruments I'd like to play, though, how about you?

Melody said... {Reply}

Ellie: Ooh, pipe organ! That would be a cool instrument to play! Don't give up hope - God can do anything, even giving you an opportunity to learn organ. :)

Anne: Oh, harp is another perfectly gorgeous instrument! It adds such a beautiful dimension to orchestra pieces (as well as sounding beautiful by itself).
Yeah, there are so many instruments I'd like to play, too. Violin (obviously), guitar, cello, flute, even organ sounds interesting. We'll see how many of those God gives me the opportunity to learn!

Annie said... {Reply}

Oh, I'm so excited you're learning to play the violin!! :D I've always felt the same way about the piano. I visited my friend and she let me 'borrow' her piano, and it seems so strange how difficult it is to play something on the piano that I could do without thinking on the violin! I hope that my 'someday' would come soon when I get to learn the piano :)


P.S. I love Vivaldi's Four Seasons!

Grace said... {Reply}

Awww! I've been playing the violin for seven years comes this September, and love so much, although I don't practice it like I should.

Piano is one instrument I would love to learn how to play. Do not despair -violin is a HARD instrument to learn, although with your musical background it will be easier {in a way} for you, I'm sure.

Blessings, dear Melody!

Laura Elizabeth said... {Reply}

Ha ha! I hold my toothbrush like my violin bow, too :D

Anonymous said... {Reply}

I too have always loved violin. When I was little, my grandma wanted me to play violin, but since I could only play in band, that wasn't a good fit. So I played flute for seven years until I decided to go to college for computers instead of music. 6 years later, I find my heart being tugged on at every violin piece I hear. So, I started taking private lessons with 2nd chair violin of the local orchestra here. I've played for a little over a month, and just like you said, the violin is becoming a part of me. I think about it all the time, think about bowing techniques when I hear new pieces, and hold my pens funny lol. It's a truly amazing instrument. Very personal like my teacher has told me. It is truly a journey.


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