Summer Splash!

Y'all know I don't often participate in blog parties (I'm usually simply too busy!). But this one looked too good to pass up. Plus, she has some great questions (and prizes!).

What are two songs that describe you? Only two? Add to the Beauty, and Every Moment, both by Sara Groves. Both are my heart's cry - to create more beauty, and make every minute count with those who I love.

What do you most fear? Rejection from those I love. And needles - I can't stand even the thought of those things. *shudders.*

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? Anyone who knows me would have to say brown and pink. Though I have been getting into more yellow & green lately... ;)

How do you normally do you hair? I usually leave it down as is, though I love doing pretty much any style I can make it do. In the summer, I often put it up in a bun, especially if my hair decides to be nice and curl next to my ears like it did in the pic below. :)

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? Smoothies, simply because I've only rarely had milkshakes!
Do you like the color pink? Yes, I've always been a pink girl - when I was little it was super hot pink, and now I prefer more muted and pastel tones. My room even used to be pink and purple!

What is your favorite flower? Pale pink rose, though I love the uniqueness of all the flowers God has made.

How many states have you been to? Hmmm... probably about 5 or 6, I'm not really sure.

What is your favorite thing about June? School is over, I get to be home and see my family and friends, have sleepovers, sleep in, and revel in all the beauty of a flower-filled world.
Describe your "dream wedding location:" I haven't thought of this much... somewhere outdoors, with lots of flowers and tall old trees and maybe a river or a lake.

Hope you enjoyed my answers! Now it's your turn to hop over and join up. :)

4 vivid thoughts:

Lucia Marie said... {Reply}

Hi Melody,

Yay! So glad you decided to join in on the big "bash." Love your answers, too!


Anonymous said... {Reply}

Thanks for participating Melody! I loved reading your answers!

You have a very lovely blog btw!


Milli said... {Reply}

I love the way you do your hair C:
AND NEEDLES. AHHHH. THEY SCARE THE LIFE OUT OF ME. That moment, when you accidentally touch the tip....-cringes-

Annie said... {Reply}

I love pink, too and roses are my favourite flowers as well! :)


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