An Inkling's Worth

I love inspiration. When it hits me, like that magic ray of sunlight shooting out of nowhere into my brain, it gives me such joy.

But you and I know that inspiration doesn't hit us every time we want it to. Especially when the weeks are crazy, and weekends even crazier. Or if we do get that burst of inspiration, it often only amounts to a small idea, a short phrase or quote that would take a lot more thought to flesh out into a blog post.

In walks this meme, to save the day.

I call it, "An Inkling's Worth." Each Tuesday I will post an interesting quote, phrase, idea, or story. Then it's your turn: from that Tuesday to the next, you can use my "inkling" of inspiration to spark your own blog post about the same idea, post another "inkling" for others to build off of, or use it to springboard your creativity in any way you can come up with. The possibilities are quite limitless!

A simple way to get your (and my) creative juices flowing. And who knows what we might come up with!

Mine for this week is:
When something does not go according to plan, it's God's way of reminding me that it's His plans, not necessarily my own, that ought to be the highest priority in my life.
Now it's your turn. What inklings of ideas does this stir around in your brain? Link up and let us know!

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