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I've been feeling overwhelmed with stuff to do recently. Somehow, though college was on the horizon, I didn't realize how fast it was approaching! It's like one of those things you stare at waiting for it to arrive, and then as soon as you take your attention off of it, it's upon you!

I've been juggling school shopping, backpacks, closet cleaning, class schedules, dorm rooms, medical forms, professors, meal plans, and everything in between. Not to mention planning for my birthday, the recording of my CD, getting quality time with my friends & family before college, and vacation plans. It reminds me of a poem I wrote awhile back in my senior year:

Fast Lane

I've spent all my life 
On the side of the freeway
Wondering what it'd be like 
To drive in the fast lane.
But now that I'm there,
I realize the grass isn't greener.
In fact, there is no grass.
And even if there were,
I'm going too fast to see it.
copyright Melody 2009

Yep, that just about sums up my feelings right now. And yet I know it shouldn't be that way! 

I need to stop. Stop and think, and reflect on how great my God is. He's really been doing awesome things lately, if only I will stop and realize it. 

For one thing, He matched me up with a roommate who has more in common with me than I ever could have asked for! I've been really anxious about my roommate, wondering what she'll be like and if we'll like each other and be able to get along. Well, my God sure showed me! When I talked with her on the phone yesterday, we found out that we're both homeschooled (or were, rather), we're both rather introverted, and we're both music majors! I felt so amazed and blessed that God orchestrated that for me. He cares about even the details I think are too impossible to ask Him for.  :)

And another thing: My friend Violet was going through a rough time with money issues for college, and really wondering if she would be able to go. My parents and I prayed with her about it, and the next morning, she called me up and told me that God had answered our prayer! Some people who owed her money were going to pay her so she would have enough for her first payment! Praise the Lord!

If only I stop and look around me - I realize just how good my God is. Whenever I feel discouraged or burned out, I need only to turn to Him. His love is what brings a smile to my face, what fills my heart with joy and peace and hope. And I know He's waiting with blessings in His arms. 

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Olive Tree said... {Reply}

Gorgeous post, with a lovely poem... God is truly great! What do you plan on going to college for?

Anonymous said... {Reply}

Aw, great news!!! You're going to Cedarville right? ;) If I "were" going to college I think I'd want to major in something like medical (being a nurse) or astronomy (so I could work in NASA. JK! :)That or fasion/costume design. Actually I'd probably chose graphics design. :)

Actually, when I was very little I wanted to grow up and be an FBI or CSI girl...crazy huh? Or a detective. :)

Awel P. alias Sherlock Holmes. :)

Amber Noella said... {Reply}

I know what you mean.

And I realize I need to take a look. To stop for a moment and look. Wow, this makes me think big time!

I am SO excited that you're going to college - you're in my prayers!


Memzie said... {Reply}

That is SO amazing! God works in wondrous ways!

Emma said... {Reply}

Have you ever considered being a writer? Because that was a truly beautiful poem. :)


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