vibrant fall

Today was the first day that was a proper fall day: bright blue sky, trees ablaze, windy and crisp.  It made me feel like having a juicy honeycrisp apple while feeling the wind on my face. Fall is such a beautiful and vibrant season!

Yesterday I made an apple pie for my younger brother's birthday. It took a very long time... but I think the end result is very nice!

 I tried out the lattice weaving for the top, and surprisingly it worked out well!

I used a large assortment of apples: granny smiths, braeburns & one each of Jonagold and Honeycrisp apples.

We'll have to see how it tastes... we're celebrating his birthday tomorrow and so we haven't eaten it yet. We almost ate it last night because it smelled so good - but thankfully I rescued it from my family!

Hope you are enjoying your fall as well... take some time to go outside, eat a fresh apple, maybe even bake a pie!


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Kate Craig said... {Reply}

wow, I can't believe you actually WOVE it! I would have just put one direction on top of the other. :) It looks perfect!


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