"Rescue My Heart"

I love rescue scenes. I love writing about them, reading about them, and seeing them in movies. So after realizing that the title "True Beauty" didn't quite fit with my NaNoWriMo novel anymore, I decided to go with "Rescue My Heart." Because that's what the story's really about. Anna's heart needs rescuing from the barrier of her stories that she's put up around herself. Anna's father's heart needs rescuing from being wrapped up in himself. The princess Cassandra's heart needs rescuing from the evil prince who has locked her up in a tower. Even the evil prince's heart needs rescuing from his pride & selfish desires. Everywhere I turned there was a rescue story right there in front of me.  

Rescue. There's so much action and meaning packed into that small word.

I think of a tiny kitten, shivering yet safe in the hands of its savior. I think of a rescue mission in wartime, where the captives are set free from their horrible prison. I think of a darkened soul, rescued from death into the beautiful light of life.

And while I was thinking about the word rescue, I realized that "redeem" and "ransom" have very similar meanings. And God does all of these things. He rescues us from sin, redeems us with His blood, and ransoms our souls from the power of death & hell. No wonder I feel such a thrill when I hear those words. God has put the longing for His rescuing, redeeming, ransoming work in my heart.


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